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Court strikes off more trafficked voters

FRANCISTOWN: After succeeding to strike off some trafficked voters from the roll a few days back, Alliance for Progressives (AP) council candidate for Kanana ward, Ace Ntheetsang achieved the same feat again on Wednesday.

Ntheetsang is a former Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor for Kanana ward in the Francistown West constituency.

He defected from the BDP before the 2014 general elections after he was defeated during the party’s primary elections and stood as an independent candidate.

He would later reconcile with his party after former president Ian Khama extended an olive branch to all former BDP activists who left the party after losing the primary elections.

But Khama previously stated that the doors would be permanently closed on ex-BDP cadres who decamped from the party after losing the primary elections.

After Khama lifted that rejoining moratorium, Ntheetsang joined the BDP again but lost during the 2018 primary elections.

A political nomad, Ntheetsang was on the move again and this time around, he joined the AP.

On Wednesday, Ntheetsang managed to get Moakofi Lame off Kanana ward’s voters’ roll.

Lame was struck off the roll in absentia while he/she was properly subpoenaed

to appear in court to motivate reasons why he/she should not be struck off the roll.

Ntheetsang also managed to convince the court to struck Mazwi Aaron off the voters’ roll in absentia because the respondent had improperly registered where he/she does not reside.

The former councillor also convinced Magistrate Kaveri Kapeko to struck Chanana Muzaziba off the roll.

The court also upheld Ntheetsang’s objection of Mbangwa Thokozile’s registration as a voter in Kanana ward.

Magistrate Kapeko postponed Ntheetsang’s other objections to June 19 to allow the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to serve the remaining 10 respondents with summons to appear before court.

Political analysts predict that this year’s general elections would be tightly contested in the country’s history hence candidates are leaving no stone unturned  to become victorious after ballots have been counted.

A lot of dynamics have taken place in the country’s political environment hence the euphoria surrounding the upcoming elections.




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