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Masisi's grand plan for new PSP unfolds with sacking of Maele

President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s grand plan for a new Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP) appears to have been accelerated on Tuesday with the rejection of Lerala-Maunatlala MP Prince Maele's appeal against his suspension from the party which effectively bars him from contesting parliamentary elections under the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) at this year’s general elections.

Masisi’s handling of Maele’s appeal was foxy and Machiavellian.

He made sure the rejection was well timed to deny Maele any chance to be launched by nemesis Ian Khama at the unveiling of the new party in Serowe last weekend.

The MP had been given some hope before that his appeal was being handled delicately by the President himself and a team of four.

Masisi’s tactics had elements of brutality also as he denied Maele the opportunity to come and present his case in person.

Poor Maele was not even aware that his fate was being decided on Tuesday until the acting BDP executive secretary, Lesedi Dintwe phoned him to deliver the letter at around 4pm.

Information reaching Mmegi indicated that President Masisi deliberated at the Maele appeal that morning before he left for the United States of America (USA).

In fact Maele’s letter states that his appeal was decided by President Masisi and the four-man team.

Maele describes the feeling as just shocked, having done all at the advice of Masisi’s handlers, to grovel, and pledge loyalty to the President and dump Khama.

His constituency and the Letswapo region had also written a letter signed by 50 officials including the branch committee, youth wing, women’s wing, all pleading with the party to have mercy on their MP. The Letswapo region was fighting tooth and nail for the MP that over 500 of their members had requested to journey to Gaborone to

secure their MP’s forgiveness from Masisi if need be.

However the decision by the President to reject Maele is seen largely as Masisi’s grand plan to accelerate the installation of deputy PSP Elias Magosi, as the PSP, while Carter Morupisi, having proved himself as Masisi’s blue-eyed boy in their rumblings with Khama, would immediately be sent out to represent Batswapong as the Lerala-Maunatlala MP candidate. 

The grand plan is also to have Morupisi in Cabinet as a trusted loyalist with the blue print of Masisi’s path.

However, there are fears that the new BDP candidate at Tswapong may be coming at the wrong time, wrong place, when the all powerful Khama has made him a top target in his crusade against Masisi and his henchmen.

Morupisi is undoubtedly Khama’s number one enemy and the unfolding episode will come as music to Khama’s as the opportunity to finish off his persecutor would have presented itself.

The decision to dive for the Tswapong constituency sees Morupisi further exposing himself to Khama’s revenge mission, especially in a constituency where Khama is literally god, starting with Morupisi’s home village of Malaka, which itself is a former Khama III headquarters of Old Palapye.

 It is feared that the bad timing of Masisi’s strategy and Morupisi’s power thirst could see the gamble backfire terribly with Morupisi defeated and the once safe Tswapong constituency, lost to the new Khama party, the Botswana Patriotic Front.




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