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Body art a passion for Tom

A multi-talented local young artist, Price Tom has penetrated the local industry in full force. The young man’s artistic skills started small.

However, he is currently tremendously growing. “Body art is a form of activity in which one plays around with colour to communicate a certain message or to express a certain feeling, emotion or events on a human body. There are no rules in art.  One is allowed to express oneself however they want,” said Tom.

Tom explained that the objective of body art is to help make Batswana to appreciate art more. He said he realised that a lot of Batswana do not really know much about the art.  Hence they tend to appreciate it less. Upon realising that a lot of locals love fashion trends, he decided to merge his art with activities such as painting clothes and venturing into body art.

Tom added that he had always been a fan of nude art. He explained that once he establishes his own big studio, he would pay model to pose for him for painting services.  In his view, nude art has a way of soothing his soul because he paints what most people fear to talk about and even stare at. He said doing the most feared, gives him some sort of eternal ecstasy.

“I want to express myself in a form of nude art because there was a point in time when I felt like the universe had left me naked and abandoned in my own depth of misery and despair. But through the

rise and fall, I got to know who I am and I thank the universe for that experience because it made me what I am right now,” he said. He said he felt great knowing that he has grown as an artist. He said his work includes his work with Wendy Williams show in New York, America  dubbed An Impeccable Work of Art. He also collaborated with AfroPink Designs ‘Cyc Jouzy  And Bakang Kenosi’ where they worked and brought their art together under one roof.

Furthermore, he pointed out that as an artist, he learns new things each day and doesn’t have to dwell much on past work. He said he hoped to see some growth in each artwork he creates.

Tom, who is also a student said he was struggling to balance between his academic and his passion as more growth meant more clients and more time invested in art, which results in his studies suffering. He said it is hard for artists to get the recognition they deserve in Botswana unless they are dead. “My advise to aspiring artists is to trust the process and believe in the beauty of their dreams. Nobody ever said it is going to be easy. The struggle is real, but if you work harder and smarter for what you want, you will always see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he ended.




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