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'Formulate a plan in fighting rape'

In a last few weeks our country experienced a huge number of rape and gender based violence and has reached pandemic proportion. The horrific rape of young girl child/teenagers/old women in our country and continued violence against our children cannot be left unchecked.

As survivors/victims we bear a responsibility to protect our children and ensure their safety while in other people’s care. We acknowledge that we need the support of all stakeholders and public, in turning the tide against gender based violence in our country.

We can no longer play lip-service, yet the future of our children is stolen from them day unto day, we want to see tangible action to stop this trend.

We would like to see relevant government Ministries, Non- Profit organisations, Churches, Private sector work together to formulate a plan in fighting rape, raising awareness and ensuring the proper safety facilities are provided for children and women whose homes have become unsafe.

We thus request special assemblies to be held in all our schools/Private Companies/government offices/Kgotla to take a stand against rape and violence.

We are making

a request to be engaged in the campaign to advise students/workers in highlighting the scourge of rape.

This initiative is critical not only to highlight on rape but also to educate our children/people. Proposition to address and sensitise ‘men’ about the pandemic (in all our Ministries, Private Companies and government departments), we survivors/victims will also address the Private Sectors so that we don’t leave them out of the picture. We don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

Survivors are concerned because there are no centres for victims/survivors not even a date set in accordance to rape.

In accordance, we are pleading with the newspapers/private companies/public at large to assist us with getting hold of the any relevant authorities. We are running a project to start a Foundation for raped women/girls.


Concerned Rape Survivors/Victims

Tuma & Thato


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