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It’s happy hour when you sip refreshing Disaronno

The Grand Palm Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort in Gaborone has launched its happy hour named 'Its's out hour'
When the Grand Palm Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort in Gaborone invited the media recently to launch its happy hour named ‘It’s our hour’, I certainly thought they would provide constant entertainment and most important, I bet there will be beer.

As a regular consumer of the popular beverage, I was looking forward to an hour of downing few milliliters of the cold stuff but to my surprise I was offered a new special drink called Disaronno.  It’s described as an “innovative, refreshing and versatile taste” and I only had one hour to explore it with my taste buds. With the way people drink evolving everyday, I was bound to find the unexpected freshness of Disaronno especially in this summer season.

Amongst perfect mixes to suit my mood, the waitress recommended the Disaronno Sour, and when it landed before me, I was more impressed by the modern look of the bottle. This is the world’s favourite Italian liqueur and the first taste reveals substantial bitterness and later it comes across as characteristic with squeezed lemons on the finish. While other scribes increased their conversations, they also tried other unique trademark mixes I stuck to my sour drink.  The drink had 50 ml Disaronno, 25 ml Fresh lemon juice, 5 ml Sugar syrup and Egg white, so shaking these ingredients with ice brought out the warm, sophisticated taste of Disaronno.  Mind you, these were a group of scribes and whether they were meeting over a cup of coffee at a restaurant

or bottles at a local watering hole their conversations are always not known to expire and soon an hour turned into two.

Disaronno has a lineage dating back to one of the most romantic and creative periods in Italian history – the Renaissance. In 1525, the artist Bernardino Luini, a brilliant pupil of Leonardo da Vinci, was commissioned to paint a fresco of the Madonna of the Miracles in Saronno.

As a mark of her gratitude, she prepared a special gift for the artist, namely, a flask full of an amber liqueur, fragrant and delicate. That is how the legend of Disaronno arose- from a simple gesture of kindness and the unique handmade combination of secret ingredients. According to the marketing administrator, Samantha Bogopa this drink came at the right season. “It’s a beautiful refreshing summer drink that people are going to love. It gives a whole new face lift to the Happy hour,” she said.  She said this year The Grand Palm introduced a couple of things to its clientele. “Our focus is not only on providing superb entertainment, conferencing and accommodation but also on leaving an indelible, tasteful experience on our clientele.”




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