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All in the act of whiskey appreciation

While combined wine, whiskey and beer festivals are dominating the scene, the capital city Gaborone will welcome the first ever festival solely concentrating on the whiskey drinking culture.

The event called Gaborone International Whiskey Tasting festival will be held at Horizon View in Game City Mall on November 24.

The event co-founder, Thobo Koontse told the media that a visit to Scotland got him to appreciate the value and culture of whiskey drinking.  “Whiskey is sometimes considered as the most complex liquor in the world, but it’s is actually technical. From American versions and Irish versions there are rules and regulations to everything,” he said.

Koontse said whiskey drinkers should consider it as an honour and amazing experience therefore they want to see the event grow so that people can appreciate in the years to come.  “Batswana are looking for experience.

Events these days involve people talking to each other and interacting,” he said. Koontse added that whiskey is a drink that people used to make

deals over. He said people from all walks of life could come together and talk about different processes of life and how much they know about the whiskey.

“The event will have more than 60 brands of whiskey and the idea is to not have the regular brands because some people don’t want to come to a tasting where they find the same drinks,” he emphasised. He said there would encompass everything from music to food pair.  “We have packages for corporate and groups of 10 and most of the whiskey are as old as 18 years,” he said. Koontse added that the idea behind the international title is because most of the whiskey comes from all over the world.




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