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Public warned over cyber crimes

Members of the public are being cautioned over the escalating cyber-facilitated crimes following reports of companies and individuals being swindled of their money through the use of internet and social media.

It is reported that companies and individuals have fallen prey to change of supplier fraud in which business emails are compromised and being sent false tender invitations. 

In a media release the Botswana Police Service’s (BPS) deputy public relations officer, senior superintendent Near Bagali said usually fraudsters monitor the engagement happening between the supplier and their customers, as it unfolds over an email and hijack ongoing business transactions to divert payments into their accounts.

“We have observed that they monitor legitimate companies operations, especially procurements as they are advertised and forge their

legitimate company details.  We have observed that most of suppliers from outside the country seem to have links with the fraudster whilst local companies turn to look for them as their valuable suppliers,” he said.

Bagali pleaded with the public to always scrutinise the email of the tender after receiving an advertisement as well as to verify with the procuring company through the known contacts.

“Tenders do not take two days to evaluate, be suspicious when you are told you have won the tender within two days of submission.”




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