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The titanic work to re-build Notwane

Notwane is acutely aware of the possibility of many other icebergs ahead PIC: MORERI SEJAKGOMO
Notwane's maiden relegation three seasons ago was likened to the sinking of the luxury ship RMS Titanic, which, sank in the early hours of April 15, 1912. Three years later, Pio Paul and crew found the wreck, and brought it to the surface.

However, Paul faces an even a tougher role if he is to make the once great ship sail again.

Like an optimistic swimmer fighting to survive the crocodile infested waters, Notwane has always been seeking rescue after that poor evacuation during the play-off with Satmos in 2015.

While many coaches’ expeditions have failed to find and recover the wreck, it was Paul who managed to bring the ship back to the surface.

Now it remains to be seen whether, from the ruins, a well-oiled machine can be built, after being a dwelling of sea creatures for three years.

Paul gathered specimens, he roamed the sea floor, he scanned the ocean world and it was not long before he achieved a feat he did the previous season when he led Sharp Shooting Stars to the elite league.

Unlike the mighty Titanic it might have not taken 73 years to find the remains but the National First Division have surely damaged Notwane and the rails have to be strong if it is to ever withstand the coming storms.

On the positive they have preserved their interiors including veteran Mpoeleng Mpoeleng, but Notwane still has sustained damage after hitting the sea bed.

They need fresh players for the fresh waters, dust free administration and a good financial arm to compete

with clubs like Township Rollers.

It is time for the club to scrap off sea objects that might have mistakenly made it to surface.

They might not bring a new crew on board, but Notwane fans are not ready for another disaster. Many captains have led their ships destinations so as former Botswana Football Association (BFA) boss and now club president Tebogo Sebego has to weather many storms but remain on course.

The great poets best tell Notwane’s sinking but their cautionary tale will always haunt the club as it begins another sail in the BTC Premiership.

The last fixtures of Notwane’s promotion to the league have shown people the underwater footage of the amazing recovery under Paul.

The question remains as to whether Notwane would become an unsinkable ship or it has turned into another sea debris.

This time the team should have their lifeboats ready to avoid a disastrous evacuation in case the vessel shows any sign of sinking next season.

Notwane’s brand is still largely recognisable as evidenced by the support from fans.

 Paul may not be a navy officer nor is he an oceanographer, but he needs to play that role diligently to survive the various storms that lie ahead.  No one could rule out the possibility of another iceberg lying ahead.




Another EVM for dustbin!

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