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Young Entrepreneur Publishes Inspirational Facebook Posts

Eric Moekejo, a passionate entrepreneur who has been doing business from the age of nine has turned some of his Facebook posts, which he used to motivate aspiring young entrepreneurs, into a book.

His first edition, The Business Ideas You Can Start In Botswana that was released early this year is dedicated to giving motivation and inspires young people who want to start their own businesses, but are still reluctant.

Speaking to Monitor Business, Moekejo said that the 85-paged book covers different topics from resources that are needed to start a business, skills, research on material as well as cost associated with the business and the estimates of the business amongst others. “Some businesses do not require you to be there full time, which is the case for me because I am a full time employee working as an Insurance Risk Advisor, but still manage to run my business part time,” he said.

After getting advice from a friend, Moekejo said he started by writing down ideas during his Sundays, did some research and further developed them and added pictures.  He expressed gratitude to the support he got locally noting that the reception has been great.

Narrating his journey, Moekejo said his passion for business started during his primary school days. 

Then he sold biscuits and oranges at school and during the games. This passion continued on to his secondary school days where he did photography for the school magazine. He also took pictures for students and paid in return. By the time he reached senior school, he

was selling trees from a tree plantation he had alongside a colleague. “The tree plantation won us a prize during the Junior Achievement Botswana competitions which motivated us to be committed to our business,” he said.

According to Moekejo, by the time he reached University of Botswana (UB), he started printing t-shirts and assignments for other students. At the same time, he started an entertainment outfit by the name ‘UB Hip Hop Club’ where he hosted artists and shows, as well as managing the university bar.

Upon completion of his Degree in Economics and Accounting from UB, he continued his passion trying many business ideas that failed. 

Moekejo said this did not make him lose hope as he managed to operate a car wash that was successful and unfortunately had to close it down after two years of operation due to lack of (owned) venue.

“I was operating a car wash on the space that I rented, but had to close down when I moved. However, I then started selling clothing merchandise and I am glad to mention that I was one of the locals who supplied the BOT50 merchandise to the district councils,” he said.

In addition he said he was also operating a biltong business, which he sells to small businesses and individuals noting that he prefers that market unlike most entrepreneurs.




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