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Indebted - Who Owes What And To Whom?

Even a single word can be of major interest. Take the caption to the Guardian’s front page photo of I. Kgosi together with ex-President, Khama which refers to ‘his spy chief, Isaac Kgosi’. That word ‘his’ is remarkable.

Alright, mistakes are often made and an inappropriate word can so easily appear when something else is intended. But how should we understand that single word? Was/is the Director of the DISS really employed by and kaçak bahis accountable to the ex-President and is he still working on his personal behalf, even after his Presidency has come to an end? I suppose that there are alternative explanations to hand, although it is hard to think of any. He is certainly not answerable to the National Assembly – as a result of its own disastrous decision some years back - which means that any claims about working in the interests of the country can never be substantiated and therefore have to be set aside. The illegal bahis implication of that word ’his’ does, however, suggest that the DISS has to all kaçak iddaa intents and purposes become personal property. But this may be to attach too much importance to that single word however curious its use might have been. But then there has been the surprise last minute award of the Presidential order of Honour by the then President to Director Isaac Kgosi and to the Commissioner of Police, Mr Keabetswe online bahis Makgophe. The award, said the Daily News, is given to a citizen who has rendered efficient and devoted service to Botswana. President Khama congratulated the two saying they deserved the awards because of their commitment and dedication to work for the country. He then spoke at length about the Commissioner’s achievements, but said nothing further about the contribution that the Director of the DISS had made. Curious days indeed, but can the BDP hope to win the next election if it allows the government’s security apparatus to continue hanging around its neck? But enough of that disheartening topic.

Let’s turn our attention to other single words? In passing, and for those who care for such matters, we have seen a quite extraordinary number of adjectives being applied to the ex-President during the güvenilir bahis siteleri last few weeks. With greater relevance, however, I was intrigued by the adverts congratulating the new President bahis siteleri on his rise to power. Many, it seemed, had struggled to find the appropriate word whilst others gave up and skirted around the issue. In the end, the three most favoured words were ‘ascend’, ‘appointment’ and ‘assumption’ with that other word, ‘election; being discreetly avoided. The idea of ascending to office does have a certain appeal but is uncomfortably close to ascending to the throne. Reference

canlı bahis siteleri to his appointment may be dead accurate, but may serve to remind readers that it only needed one person to make this appointment. In the real world, that rarely happens. The third option – ‘on assumption of office’ seems to me to be masterful with no possibility of falling off the gang plank.

Anyway, away from this heady stuff, we can all rejoice in the wonderful achievements of Makwala, Amos (glory one day, humiliation the next), Montsho and Thebe in Brisbane and at the time of writing, with the relays still to come. We should not, however, omit Karabo Sampson and Christine Botlogetswe who may not have won medals this time around, but did enough to show that they will win them when their chance next comes. But what a marvelous present for the new President and for the country which, has been much in need of good cheer. Even with such good late rains.

I would also like to congratulate the Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) for, at last, having the guts to cut off the supplies of those canlı bahis who really do owe it big money, not least the various arms of government. For years past these, iddaa siteleri disingenuously, claimed that they had no budget to cover payments. The WUC let them get away with it. Instead of taking appropriate action against its major debtors, it cut off the supplies of the many individual plot owners who, supposedly all possessed swimming pools, which they were re-filling at least once every day!  How else could the WUC have decided that so many people had monthly bills of several thousand Pula? Now, that they have found themselves without water, the real culprits have been brought out into the open. Without water, it has been no surprise to learn that they are suddenly discovering that they do, after all, have the means to pay! Well bahis done the WUC. I have been pressing the need for this action for some time, so I am delighted that it had bitten the bullet. And lastly, another word of congratulations to History Prof. John Makgala for his recently published, informative and fascinating article on the rise and fall of the UB logo. He is the one and only academic who is kind enough to send me copies of his new work. He produces these articles with remarkable regularity. Thanks too to Prof. Fred Morton for his important article on pre-modern Tswana settlement which was re-produced in the Guardian and Mmegi – presumably testimony at some hearing.

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