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Women Cautioned Against ‘Sex Drugs’

Drug use is keeping the police on their toes and as it continues to spiral out of control, women have been warned against sex drugs that are commonly used to spike their drinks to increase their sexual desire.

It has been revealed that in most entertainment places in Gaborone and surrounding areas, some women have been sexually assaulted, as a result of their drinks having bein spiked with drugs. The effects of such drugs are said to make women more vulnerable to sexual assault. Because there are no official statistics, it is difficult to know the true extent of this crime, especially that most women do not report. They feel embarrassed, and at times they do not have proof to what really transpired. Sometimes the victim does not remember the details of that night. Women’s drinks are spiked so that they can get drunk much quicker than expected as well as to increase their sexual desire.    Recently, a sextape dubbed ‘Rasesa sex tape’ went viral on social media in which a young woman and a man were filmed having sex in public as other people watched. Later on ,it was reported in one of the local newspapers that the woman said she could have been drugged as she had no recollection of what transpired that fateful night.

Following this incident, the Botswana Police Service (BPS) director of crime intelligence Nunu Lesetedi, who has been behind the recent drug raids cautioned women against drink spiked and date rape drugs. He said that a disturbing trend has evolved with women consuming drinks that have been spiked with drugs without their consent.

Lesetedi revealed that drug use is high in most entertainment places in Gaborone and most women have been victims of sexual assault after their drinks had been spiked.

“Drug use is real and the perpetrators usually target young women, spike their drinks and later sexually assault them. The commonly used drugs are odourless, colourless and tasteless, making it difficult for victims

to recognise them on their drinks. We have established that female viagra, flibanserin to mention but a few which are designed to increase sexual drive, are being used to spike women’s drinks by people who later target them and rape or sexual assault them. In other cases, intoxication may cause the person to completely forget the event, making it difficult to prove the crime, something which clearly shows that they were drugged,” Lesetedi said.

He warned women to be cautious of libido drugs that are being tossed into people’s drinks, especially women, to boost their sex drive, cause arousal and increases their sexual desire and later turn to be rape victims.

Lesetedi said such ‘party drugs’ that increase libido usually make women more sexually active, iand makes them brave enough to do anything wherever they want even in the public. He said that such drugs’ euphoric effects are often exploited in order to obtain sex.

He said on their night patrols at nightclubs and bars, police have been observing women behaving awkwardly hence suspecting their drinks might have been spiked.

“Only a few report such instances whilst some choose to keep quite feeling a bit embarrassed. While there is some question about how many of these reports are true or exaggerated or how common the practice really is, the fact remains that drug sexual assault through spiked drinks is happening,” he said.

He said that more women have found themselves to have slept with strangers and waking up with no memory of preceding events, but most of them prefer to hide the incident out of embarrassment. Lesetedi pleaded with women to be extra-cautious whilst drinking alcohol as drugs have been contributing a lot to the spread of sexual transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.




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