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Analysts opine BDP should discipline wayward legislators

Political analysts are of the view that the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) should take action against Members of Parliament and Cabinet ministers who display bad behaviour in public. They contend such conduct tarnishes the party’s image.

Political analyst, Leonard Sesa believes that the BDP has the mandate to guide and restore dignity in the party instead of letting things get out of hand.

The analyst said the party is supposed to act the same way it does towards its youth members. The BDP constitution’s article 14.2 states; “a member of the party has the obligation to adhere to its object, aim and to party policy, and to behave in consonance therewith, and with dignity and propriety in order to propagate the good image of the party and not to embarrass the party by any misconduct”. Some of the MPs and Cabinet ministers have a tendency to defy this clause under discipline in the party constitution.

“This kind of behaviour displayed by leaders warrants them to face a charge of misconduct and bringing the party into disrepute. Fairness should apply to all, whether ordinary members, youth or leaders.

Their behaviour also shows how things might get worse or even try to undermine Mokgweetsi Masisi’s leadership going forward. The BDP should crack the whip now before things get out of control,” Sesa said. 

Sesa said the BDP should ensure that they call order to MPs and

Cabinet ministers because whatever they are doing influences youth to behave in the same manner.

“The MPs should not forget that they were voted in under their party ticket not as individuals and therefore they should behave in a certain way.  The party disciplinary committees must also be active to warn members or make them to appear before a hearing. There must be order in the party,” he added.

Sesa said it is shocking that the party leadership is quick to take action against its youth, but fails when it comes to leaders whom people look up to.

Another political analyst, Anthony Morima said there should be equal treatment amongst party members.

“Of course, MPs should be given a privilege to comment on issues of national interest when something has gone wrong, but they should not make unnecessary personal attacks. Again these issues get out of hand simply because the party executive fails to deal with them promptly and action be taken when it is clear that one has crossed the line. A minister is supposed to step aside to allow investigation to be carried out without saying one is guilty or not,” he said.




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