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BDP wrestles Ketshogile and wins

PALAPYE: Palapye Sub-district Council Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) members finally got away with ousting former member, Kabo Ketshogile off his deputy chairpersonship seat after a weeklong standoff.

The Lerala East councillor was targeted after he dumped the BDP for Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) last November. Ketshogile was ordered by his former colleagues to retrace his steps back to the BDP or risk losing the seat.

He poured cold water on the threats, but at the opening of the Central District Council (CDC) full council yesterday, Ketshogile was finally kicked out.

Ketshogile and his opposition colleagues feel the handling of the matter was not procedural and unacceptable, and have vowed not to let the matter rest.

Ketshogile said he has engaged legal advisors as he prepares to launch a legal battle.  He said the full council caught him unawares when it ordered the Palapye sub council to vote in a member into his seat, which he was not aware was vacant.

“I was surprised as to how this matter was handled by the full council,” Ketshogile said.

He added: “In my position, from our final day at the sub council BDP members have failed to provide reasonable grounds to oust me”. “They have failed in the procedure.  The issue just stalled and this comes as a surprise. I

was never informed beforehand that I was no longer the deputy chairperson; hence I am seeking legal recourse.”

Palapye sub council chairperson, Lesedi Phuthego said procedure was followed and the house ensured there was legal advice before the motion to re-elect was debated.  

He said the sub council gave all the members an equal platform to debate the motion and Ketshogile was defeated. He said Ketshogile then excused himself before the sub council closed on Friday; hence he did not get to know the outcome of the matter.

“He pre-empted what the outcome would be and that is why he excused himself from the sub council before the judgement was passed. All procedures were followed and we called the council attorney for advice to ensure the legal aspect was covered,” Phuthego said.

“When we went for re-election he did not vote but he was there. However, if anyone feels procedure was not followed or was not treated fairly, they are at liberty to seek redress.”

Ketshogile’s counterpart at Lerala, Gabagopole Sebele of Lerala West, replaces him. Sebele said he accepted the calling and will assist his chairperson diligently.




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