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Good, bad and ugly: Batswana bid Khama farewell

Stepping out in style: Khama will be remembered for his love of dance, especially to a popular song, Thomela and Tsaya Thobane
Yesterday, Mmegi asked its Facebook community to bid their farewell to President Ian Khama, who begins his farewell tour today in Moshupa/Manyana constituency. Below are a few comments received in response

Candy Motlalen: There shall never be a well socialising president like you ever again....all the best in the future.nna neke go rata tota. Kea ipuelella

Boikanyo Ayn: Thanks for destroying my youth.

Pilatwe Pilatwe II: Good management Dr...The only problem you focused on the less privileged obo lebala babereki. You fought hard to end corruption. O letlapa SKI.

Terrence Clayton Mashayamombe: Wish to have more states man like you Mr President, the world needs more courageous states (men) like (you. l salute you Dr Ian Khama

Tshephaone Reasentse: I think it’s fair to say President Khama will be remembered for his dance moves in Khawa and his undying commitment of giving out blankets to the needy in remote areas

Tseme Letlhogonolo: Stagnant economy, high youth unemployment, job losses at mines, failed esp no stimulation etc. Feels long

Baibe Hlerra Wena: I have always wanted to see Khama leave & I can’t wait for next year, to me the past 7 years was hell on earth under his governance..

Tshidi Ngayaya Elias: Farewell my President, you interacted with many, poor or rich. Socialised like no president has ever done. Wish to have more Presidents like you.

Bashin Baggio M. Ras: Our country has gone down the drain under his leadership. The incoming temporary HE will have to sweat to reinstate the state of nation and remove them from the perception of atlhame ke go jese kana tshaba ya go kopa. Botswana shall be better place 2019

R-Kelly Nokwane: Thank you for your programmes. Like poverty eradication, constituency league, housing programmes, you were a blessing

Mogomotsi Wa Nlebgwa: Farewell Mr President. You promised too much and delivered little to nothing.

Adam Saeed Al-Shabab Bosilong: I hope its farewell also to alcohol levy

General-Special Ramatudung: You ran your race so well, daring and unflinching, you finished your assignment and

left nothing pending. Loved and hated but what leader is loved by every follower? You shook my hand once as A Vice-President and AGAIN AS THE PRESIDENT; those are great memories I will forever cherish. I PRAY THAT YOU REST AND STANDBY TO SERVE THE NATION AND THE REST OF HUMANITY whenever you are NEEDED. GOD BLESS YOU.

Pauline Mateatsebe: You have been a father to our nation, you are unique, wherever u went u adapted to the environment, you humility. May the Good Lord increase you, many more year, wish who is taking over to learn from you. MAKGONATSOTLHE!!! MY HERO! I SALUTE U SIR.

Kabelo Skhebo Gabothuse: Don’t cum to Phikwe plz!

Hillary Chibaya Jona: I will remember President Ian Khama for his unwavering stance against Robert Mugabe govt human rights abuses. His efforts to see an African continent free from dictators will always be cherished. Thank you for exemplary leafership. Tsamaya ka pula Tau tona.

Marry Motsilenyane: I cry everyday when I remember that you a going. You a true leader my president I love u so much and God loves u too u are best my president. U do all the best to help Botswana.all the best for the future .well done and may God be with you. In Jesus name I protect you. You are God’s favor.

Mosimanegape Tshoganetso Raditanka: Fare thee well SKI! Your 10 year rule at the highest office has sure had an impact inthe livelihoods of Batswana from all walks of life; and I am sure the effects will still continue to be felt years after you have gone. Just like the nuclear bomb effects felt in Hiroshima! Good or bad effects? You tell us the Mighty Lt General Dr (double that)! Pula e go nele Tseleng.




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