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Motsamai Demands P2m Payment From BOPEU

Axed Babereki Investments executive chairperson, Andrew Motsamai is demanding just over P2.1 million payment and interest at the rate of 10% from his former employers, the Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU).

Motsamai, who spent close to a decade as the larger-than-life BOPEU president, filed his suit on November 29, 2017 through attorney Gabriel Kanjabanga.

Justice Abednego Tafa is presiding over the matter. Motsamai’s contract was controversially terminated on September 11, 2017 after “serious consideration, by, and according to the BOPEU board before his 10 days suspension came to an end. 

According to court papers, the defendant, Babereki Investments, further informed the plaintiff that his entitlements, arising out of the termination were as follow:

Balance of the contract as compensation in terms of Clause 10.1.3 of the contract;

Gratuity in terms of Clause 3 of the contract of employment; and,

Leave days not taken.

The defendant further provided the plaintiff with a terminal benefits computation statement of account.

 In terms of the statement of

account, the total monies due to the plaintiff comprising leave pay, balance of the contract, and gratuity, amounted collectively to P3,346,641.37.

In terms of the statement, the defendant proposed to pay the total as at October 5, 2017 being the sum of P2,490,371.15 and two equal instalments of P1,245,185.57.

“The defendant till to date has not fulfilled the said payment plan and has only paid P1,245,185.57.

The defendant has up to date failed, refused and/or neglected to pay the remaining balance of P2,101,456.01 despite lawful demand from the plaintiff’s attorneys of record…,” Kanjabanga wrote. He therefore attached copies of letters of demand dated November 2, 2017, November 3, 2017 and November 17, 2017.

Kanjabanga also demanded 10% collection commission, cost of suit and further or alternative relief.




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