Mmegi Blogs :: The guilty are always afraid
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Friday 17 August 2018, 13:30 pm.
The guilty are always afraid

The problem with thieves is that they insist on classifying their hobby as “employment’’. As far as they are concerned, what they engage in is gainful employment.
By Tumie Modise Mon 13 Nov 2017, 17:27 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Blogs :: The guilty are always afraid

They may not adhere to any set working hours, or rely on alarms which make them bolt out of bed every morning, but just like the rest of us, they go to ‘work’ daily.

The only difference is that while we are rewarded for our hard sweat every 30 days or so, they want to earn every single day. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if one day we are told they are now demanding accreditation and recognition at Internation Labour Organisation.

A few months few months ago I listened in utter amazement to a recording of one such pocketprenuer on one local radio station. This guy, who sounded like he was barely out of his teens, was bragging to a reporter about his profession and what he called his daily hustles.

This boy, and he didn’t sound like someone who already had hair in all the right places, was actually mocking this presenter, taunting him and telling him, as matter-of-factly, that he made in a day what that reporter made in a whole month!

This sickening interview went on for almost an hour, still I listened. As he continued, it then momentarily crossed my mind that this was one guy who should be encouraged by all means, to donate his brain to the QKJ university hospital the day he kicks the bucket. Hoping there would be a brain in there at all. 

To my relief, and I know I am not alone; our police seem to have recently launched a massive offensive against these kind of people.

For years now we have been at the mercy of robbers and burglars. Streets, public areas and even cemeteries are not safe anymore and our homes now resemble high security prisons. 

The other day my kids and I accidentally locked ourselves inside the house and for hours we were trapped, unable to navigate the multiple security features in our mini prison. It was only later that we were ‘rescued’ after throwing a key over the wall, for someone outside the yard to rescue us. It has come to this.

Like they say, there is a time for everything and indications are that the days of being bullied by thieves may be coming to an end.


Last night I finally had an opportunity to watch the much talked about crime intelligence operation that everyone has been talking about lately.  I must say I never thought I would live to see this day.

Like, what took our security guys this long? In my spare time I occasionally watch crime channels, real crime stories not these make believe ones. I admit I have always wondered what it would be like if we were to have our very own here.

Talk of answered prayers!

Last night’s episode was scary and interesting at the same time.  Then a while ago I was at a certain mall where I then overheard a group of men discussing the same episode I watched last night. Without a doubt this noble and long overdue idea of exposing and shaming criminals is what the doctor ordered for crime in this country.

As expected there are already disapproving murmurs from some quarters, members of the public who feel that the naming and shaming of alleged criminals is wrong.  One does not need to be a genius to decipher that most were just never ready to see their relatives and boyfriends paraded on national television, caught red handed with guns and dagga. The guilty are always afraid isn’t it?

People who have studied individuals who have a tendency of reaping where they did not sow and their characteristics swear that it is easy to spot these people even in a church choir robe! Majority of these people as I have learnt, have distinct large jaws, forward projection of jaw, low sloping foreheads; high cheekbones, flattened or upturned nose; handle-shaped ears; large chins, very prominent in appearance; hawk-like noses or fleshy lips; hard shifty eyes, scanty beard or baldness and insensitivity to pain. Apparently they also have longer than normal arms.

 One may ask, but is this new found exercise of exposing thieves on television reduce crime and ever deter would be criminals? This is like that egg and chicken riddle.

Highly unlikely. But then again didn’t Adam still eat that apple after being warned only a day earlier what the repercussions of eating it would be? Our police and Botswana Television have a new fan in me.

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