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Markets for your writing

The year is quickly coming to an end so I think itís time to find a few markets to send your writing to before the holidays arrive and everyone goes on leave. End the year on a bang with an acceptance!
By Lauri Kubuitsile Fri 03 Nov 2017, 11:18 am (GMT +2)
Mmegi Blogs :: Markets for your writing

1. Guest Blogging: The blog My Mind Body Metabolic Workout is looking for posts of 700 words and they pay $50 USD per post. They’re looking for posts from women on ways that they have changed their life for the better. According to their website:  “…our mission is to teach and share with other women important information that could change their lives for the better…”.

They are looking for personal stories about health and wellness. Here is the link for the writing guidelines:

2. Various Creative Writing with Black Characters: Black Book Publishing has open submissions in a variety of categories. They have a general call out for novels with black main characters. You can submit the first five chapters (edited and proofread) to They also have a few callouts for anthologies. They are looking for both erotic short stories and poems. The short stories should be between 3500-10,000 words. You can submit the completed story to the above email with the subject line “Superhero Erotica”. For poetry, according to the website: “Submissions should be erotic, passionate, and heartfelt with each subject being about a specific body part of the black woman from the tips of her hair, be it cut short or flowing dreads, down to the souls of her feet, and the skin she’s wrapped in. The goal of the anthology is to pay homage and to show appreciation for all the beauty that is the black woman.” Again, submit to the email address above but with the subject line: “Black Woman Poetry”.

3. Transition Magazine (Canada) – According to their website: “Transition is a magazine which publishes two kinds of works: those directly about mental health issues; and those about the individual’s personal experience of those same issues. Both kinds of works


celebrate lives in transit – lives of change, growth, and transformation.” They’re looking for unpublished nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and visual art around current themes in mental health. You should submit the completed manuscript to: Find more details about formatting etc. at

4. Almost Fearless: This is a magazine for parents about adventures they can take with their kids. It’s a very specific niche market so make sure you take a look at the types of articles that they publish. They pay $1/word for the print magazine. They’re looking for quite an array of articles from personal parenting essays to scientific research, but again specific to their niche. They want pitches (the idea for your article) only, not full articles. If their team likes your pitch, they’ll get back to you. Full guidelines are here: To submit pitches use this email address:

5. Curve Magazine: According to their website: “(Curve) spotlights all that is fresh, funny, exciting, controversial and cutting-edge in the lesbian community”. They’re looking for nonfiction articles in the following categories:

Non celebrity profiles: From their submission guidelines: “…about the activities of “unknown” or low-profile lesbian and bisexual activists and political leaders, athletes, filmmakers, dancers, writers, musicians, etc. Some of these profiles are full-length features; others are shorter profiles, for our “Out In Front” and “Curvatures” segments of the magazine.”

Articles about controversial issues within the lesbian community: they don’t want polemic articles, but rather a balanced view of both sides of the issue.

Trends: They’d also like articles about trends in sport, fashion, health, music, spirituality, etc.

You can read detailed guidelines here: Send either queries or the article to: the editor-in-chief, Merryn Johns, at the email address:

Submit to some of these markets, get your writing out there—good luck!!


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