The Monitor :: ATI Hits Hard As Davido Flops
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Tuesday 21 August 2018, 18:00 pm.
ATI Hits Hard As Davido Flops

The star of the moment, ATI proved once again that he is one of the best performers in the country. He brought the house down at the St Louis Music Festival at Duma FM grounds over the weekend.
By Mompati Tlhankane Mon 30 Oct 2017, 18:00 pm (GMT +2)
The Monitor :: ATI Hits Hard As Davido Flops

The rapper’s grand entrance had everyone on standstill as the Department of Fire Services lowered him on stage to deliver the best performance of the night. The artist, who also won six BOMU awards on the same night, was more inspired than ever as he swung in the air in slow motion.

The crane that scales 86 to 262 feet in height made his grand entrance even classier as fans were glued to the stage. ATI, real name, Atasaone Molemogi kickstarted his performance by taking fans back to the hit song Ke Lekhete, which made him a household name. 

The moment he uttered his first line, the fans could not hold back their anticipation of ATI’s great performance. He was the first artists on the night to keep the VIPs on their feet. He then performed one of his firsts, Skeleton.

The energetic rapper also sang to show his versatility as he performed Poelo Morago from his latest album titled Envelope. Even though Noello was not there alongside him, ATI made a great effort in the performance of the collaborative song, Dimane.

 To save the best for last, the artist who was recently lucratively endorsed by BTC, performed the song of the moment Khiring Khiring Khorong Khorong leaving the audience super excited. Upcoming artists, Yung Amazing and Legacy DG, who are featured in the song joined ATI during the performance and the stage was lit as they took the crown from earlier performers. ATI’s former rival, Ozi F Teddy also made a surprise appearance on stage alongside him.

With his superb performance, ATI stole American-born Nigerian music star, David Adedeji Adeleke, known by his stage name, Davido’s thunder.

 Davido who was the


headline act was lacking in enthusiasm for an artist of his stature. The Nigerian star who supposedly sold out the event before he arrived on stage was after all not worth the wait as he failed to get his fans on cloud nine in the way they are accustomed whenever they hear his songs playing.

The man perhaps killed fan expectations when he performed non-crossover songs, not popular with the local crowd.  As Davido continued to stall, fans waited for him to perform If and Fall, songs that amassed him a following across the world.

The fashion forward artist who is usually clad in expensive clothes in his music videos came on stage wearing an orange t-shirt and black jeans. When he finally performed his sought-after songs, it felt like an ordinary performance for an artist who had left a huge impact during his music festivals across the world.

While Davido failed to deliver his best, most local artists like Dramaboi, Sasa Klaas, Amantle Brown and Scar took the opportunity to show Batswana that international music artists are just over glorified singers.  Even though KBL has not revealed figures of people who came to the festival this year, the fact that tickets were sold out showed that the St Louis festival grows every year. With a casualty at the GIMC (Gaborone International Music and Culture) Week almost ruining the name of big music festivals, the organisers did superb work to control the crowds and tightening security.

With another Nigerian artist coming to the same ground this weekend, fans can only hope for the best and that perhaps Tekno will overturn his homeboy, Davido’s lukewarm performance and reception.

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