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Franco cheats death

Franco's burnt car
Kwasakwasa star, Frank ‘Franco’ Lesokwane escaped death by a whisker after unidentified perpetrators burnt his house and car in Mmankgodi on Tuesday night.

According to the musician, the arsonists burned his property at around 11pm.  Luckily, he did not sustain any injuries as he escaped with his life.  “I was watching a football game around 11pm when I saw my sitting room door going up in flames.  I was able to scream for my neighbours, who helped me to break the burglar door down.  We managed to put out the fire with water,” he said.

The Ke Lela Le Lona hitmaker told Showbiz that it looked like the perpetrators used a flammable liquid that smelled like petrol to get the job done.  He said they poured the liquid under the door and on his car, a 2005 Toyota Grand Hiace. 

However, the flammable liquid

did not reach any of his furniture in the house.  He said the sitting room and passage doors were, however burnt.

Franco explained that the perpetrators were wearing stockings over their heads to mask their faces when they committed the crime. He emphasised that he had no idea who they could be, as he “did not recall making any enemies”.  He added that both his car and house were not insured.

“I have reported the matter at Thamaga Police Station where investigations are ongoing,” he said.

Thamaga police station commander, superintendent Moses Makgoeng said he was unaware of such a case and said he would give feedback before the paper went to bed on whether a report came in.




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