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Over 250 delegates for innovation exhibition

Over 250 delegates are expected to attend the inaugural innovation day named ‘Innovation Botswana 2017’ to be hosted by Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) later this month.

The event seeks to celebrate innovation thus create platform for networking, dialogue and exhibition with the intent of bringing together local and regional players in the science, technology and innovation space.

According to BIH public relations manager, Tigele Mokobi, ‘Innovation Botswana 2017’ is part of a series of annual events that celebrate innovation in Botswana. The occasion is a flagship event of BIH that showcases national innovations and presents a platform for dialogue on critical elements that need to be addressed to ensure progress in the agenda for innovators and technology entrepreneurs.

“The day is a festival of inspiration, creativity and innovation that brings together more than 250 stakeholders from civil society, business, academia, public sector and industry to celebrate innovation through exhibitions, networking and capacity building workshops,” he said.

 Mokobi said the event would accord innovators, technology entrepreneurs, government stakeholders and the business community an opportunity to come together and share ideas.

In addition, he said this would be carried out in an effort to sensetise stakeholders and the public on the current developments that have been undertaken by the BIH in line with its mandate of ensuring that Batswana are aware of the role of innovation in diversifying the economy.

Mokobi further called on the

Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology, various CEOs, Vice Chancellors, business community, government to partner and form a viable platform for the development of innovation in Botswana.

“We hope to mould this innovation day into a coveted platform that would become a think tank for Botswana’s best strides in innovation,” he said.

Through this day, the public would be given insight into what innovators are developing in their own spaces, while also raising awareness on what legislative policies government is putting in place to support technology entrepreneurs. Participants would also get an opportunity to engage stakeholders in dialogue during the plenary sessions, workshops, as well as appreciate the creation by local innovators. At the beginning of the year, BIH appointed Sthembile Dingake as the coordinator of the Innovation Fund, a position that had been vacant for some time.

The Fund, which government has availed P12 million, would benefit private companies or organisations registered and operating in Botswana, who seek to develop commercially viable innovative products or processes that have significant impact on society.

According to the BIH, they would not only rely on government funding as they have been engaging other innovation funding investors to bolster the funds committed by government.




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