Mmegi Online :: Brite Star respondsto recent false reports
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Friday 13 July 2018, 06:00 am.
Brite Star respondsto recent false reports

We note with concern and dismay that certain individuals, reporters and newspapers are peddling false and malicious messages about our company in both the mainstream press and social media.
By Correspondent Fri 29 Sep 2017, 10:27 am (GMT +2)
Mmegi Online :: Brite Star respondsto recent false reports

These messages are false, mendacious and riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies.

We urge them to refrain from doing so further and reserve fully our rights in this regard. If they have any concerns we request that they contact us to seek clarification prior to making unsound and unsubstantiated claims and obtain the correct version of facts and events.


We would address some of those

concerns as follows:

1.         The company does not appear in databases on various Civil aviation approved aircraft manufacturers or approved data bases of flying schools or aircraft maintenance organisations - Kindly note that Brite Star operates on a partnership model.

It is a joint venture established with local Botswana and international partners  for the Botswana and other operations. It operates in other jurisdictions such as USA, China, Hungary with other partners and under different joint venture companies.

 Those joint venture companies  are registered as manufacturers, flying schools (ATO) and aircraft maintenance organisations (AMO) in those countries. Brite Star intends to fully comply with the Civil Aviation Act requirements in Botswana in the event it  proceeds with establishing it’s presence in Botswana.

2. The company has a hidden agenda to swindle the government - This is malicious and false. Brite Star is a private company and has its own funding.

It is not reliant on government funding to establish itself. It is well capitalised and has its own resources to develop its manufacturing plants and enterprises.

Moreover, it has been approached by several countries in Africa to establish a presence in those countries as a base for the African market, but has selected Botswana for its 50 years of uninterrupted democracy, stability and harmonious labour relations.  

3. The track record of Brite star is unclear and it is not a multinational company specialising in aircraft parts manufacturing - For the record,


the promoters and founders of Brite Star Aviation between them have over 150 years of experience in developing aircraft, electric air train technology and composite engineering.

They have been manufacturing aircraft in various locations throughout the world and have established joint venture companies in the USA, Europe and China.

Brite Star’s partners in aircraft manufacturing are well established companies such as Siemens and Mercedes Benz. 

4. Government, SPEDU, CAAB and other agencies have been eluded - Clearly the authors are not aware that for the past several months the various Government agencies have been interacting with Brite Star and have done their due diligence, ascertained various facts and information about the company, and even made visits to the company’s joint venture operations abroad and met with FAA and other officials.

It is inconceivable and naive for one to suggest that the Government agencies would not do their due diligence or verify facts before engaging with any company and  shows lack of knowledge and basic understanding on the part of the authors as to rudimentary commercial and business practices. 

Brite Star would wish to restate that it has sincere and genuine intention to establish it’s presence in Botswana subject to facilitating and enabling environment being established at Selebi Phike Airport. The dynamics of the SPEDU region will be transformed if Brite Star invests in the region.

An entire eco system would be created for cutting edge technology for the Aviation industry. Competent manufacturers such as Siemens, Mercedes Benz and others would also follow and establish themselves in the region, and jobs and employment would be created which are much desired after the social tragedy which the good people of Selebi Phikwe have had to endure after the recent closure of the BCL Mine. 

Brite Star Board


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