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Muvhango Actress Drills Aspiring Actors

Experienced South African actress Sindi Dlathu drilled a number of aspiring young actors during a one-day Masterclass acting session held last Saturday at the University of Botswana.

The Muvhango actress, who has a career spanning for over a decade, touched on different aspects that an actor should apply on screen and stage sharing her past experience in the film industry. The Master class was strictly focussed on the acting aspect and how an actor should conduct themselves.

The class started off with set preparation with Dlathu warming up the audience as she talked of how one has to put themselves together before they go on screen or stage.

Character development was the foundation of the Master class as Dlathu addressed on how different acting characters can be developed and how one can be inspired for a certain character. “Characters are mainly inspired by previous personal experiences of an actor and those surrounding them,” Dlathu said.  Prior to going on stage or screen she urged actors to meditate, get into the zone of the character giving different examples such as spending time alone for a few minutes and staying silent with

focus on the character.

She vividly emphasised that actors should not make a mistake of confusing their characters and reality. “Get rid of your persona, leave everything behind. Be an empty vessel and adopt the new persona which is the character,” she advised.

While at it, she gave different examples from her previous roles stating that at 43 she had to act a role of a 19-year and demonstrated the different dynamics that she underwent to suit the young character at her age. “Self- respect and respect for those you are working with is very vital.It makes you to be a better person in your profession.

Don’t disrespect your craft by not learning your lines. Know your work and come prepared.” Throughout the day Dlathu touched on different acting aspects with the assistance of a team that she had come with from South Africa. She engaged with her audience who would also demonstrate on different aspects and enquired different acting techniques.




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