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Hell Knows No Fury Like A Woman Scorned..

It is fair to say I have never come across a scenario anywhere in the Bible where two ladies were ever documented fighting over a man. Or I may have missed it. Yet, it is such a common occurrence in todayís world, particularly in this country.
By Tumie Modise Mon 14 Aug 2017, 16:07 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Blogs :: Hell Knows No Fury Like A Woman Scorned..

By their very own nature, human beings are very territorial. They will go to ANY lengths, by any means necessary, to assert and defend what they perceive to be theirs! Humans always have this overwhelming sense of ‘ownership’ about them. It’s in their DNA.

Being a human being myself, I have had my fair share of finding myself in such situations in the past. I have had to fight in defence of my ‘imaginary’ territories.

I call them imaginary because I now realise they were never really mine to start with. Like how I once dragged a stunned lady to the District Commissioner’s office, or how I once stormed an office and sent one lady scurrying for cover in a drama that lasted two hours. By the time I was escorted by the security officers from that building, I had left a trail of destruction and traumatised not just the lady but her colleagues as well!

Just a week ago or so, something happened and it brought back all those memories of my very hilarious past. On the front page of one of the local newspapers, were two ladies allegedly fighting for a man.

The picture said it all. There, on the paper were two grown up ladies; one fully clothed and the other almost in her birthday suit. The clothed one was wielding what appeared to be a sjambok(whip) and it was clear that she was cracking it on her rival. The odd thing about the whole thing was that the row was over the clothed woman’s husband. Without getting into the facts, what really caught my attention were people’s reactions to the story, particularly women.

A fierce debate ensued on social media and surprisingly many females were on the side of the naked lady, the supposed ‘home wrecker’. As far as most females were concerned, the enraged lady had no business attacking and ‘humiliating’ the other one like that. I was dumbfounded. I didn’t understand the rage, after all, someone had not only discovered the other person in her territory; she even found her wearing HER towel!

Heaven forbid! I don’t know of many people who would have reacted differently. I honestly don’t know what I would have done myself.

To cut the long story short, the lady with the towel is said to have endured the whole beating without even a whimper. She did not even fight back. She just took the beating like a big girl she was..

I am not sure as to what drives males to fight over females, but I


suspect it’s for the same reasons we ladies fight over them. But I have realised that while women mostly fight then later let it go, with males the fights usually last for eternity.

With us ladies though, the most important thing with such confrontations is just to get stuff out of your ‘chest’ while preserving your dignity throughout. But there is never any dignity with fights.

Males can learn a lot from us; that at some point, something should come to an end. Maturity too, counts a lot in such situations. 

Ladies killing each other or their men over such issues are almost unheard of. Something else with females, whenever there are any signs of foul play in a relationship, the first point of call is usually to confront the partner.

Only when they get arrogant and not show remorse do you usually feel compelled to confront the ‘competitor’. And in doing so, ladies usually mean no harm but just to ‘alert’ the other lady that the male is in fact, already spoken for. With our male compatriots though, the golden rule is; ‘Shoot First, Ask Later. No Prisoners’.

With the two ladies on the paper story though, the details of the story were a bit sketchy, save to say that the other lady came to confront her rival already armed with a big whip. Nonetheless, the incident once more reminded me of yet another incident which involved yours truly, some several years ago. Watching television one Friday night, I suddenly started getting funny ideas.

With instant rage all over me, I wasted no time and sprung into full action! I had a mission; I had to carry it out that very same night. Like a secret service agent, I went to my room and emerged wearing black leggings and a black hooded sweater. Passing through the kitchen, I grabbed a long kitchen knife, a pair of scissors and headed out the door.

Rushing back into the house seconds later with my anger now at dangerous levels, I grabbed a rusty machete and a pair of gloves. I was on a mission and I was very determined. I drove around town for about an hour, looking for whoever I was looking for. God must have been someone’s side (even mine) that day, for I later drove back home; mission unaccomplished. I woke up the next morning feeling incredibly stupid but relieved.

My advice if you ever finding yourself in this situation; Don’t do it, it’s not worth it. Take a Hint and take a Hike.

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