Mmegi Blogs :: BDP, the master of political game of hide-and-seek!
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Monday 19 February 2018, 18:00 pm.
BDP, the master of political game of hide-and-seek!

A) Botswana trade union federations did well to expose the now worn-out political strategy of playing hide-and-seek in their membership of international organisations’ conventions, rules and conduct.
By Michael Dingake Tue 20 Jun 2017, 16:58 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Blogs :: BDP, the master of political game of hide-and-seek!

In spite of the embarrassing initial tiff between the federations - BOFEPUSU and BFTU, about who between them officially reported the matter of government failure to adhere to ILO standards; the federations did well to close ranks, to expose the chameleon-like behaviour of the Botswana government’s relations with the working class - the creators of wealth and maintainers of peace and order in public administration. The BDP’s duck-and-dive tactics lie tattered. Whatever Minister Tshenolo Mabeo tried to say or insinuate sounded tipsy and without sense.

The highest court of international arbitration between employee and employer in this world of capitalist exploited worker, and  dog-eat-dog listened, but was unconvinced; workers’ representatives made more sense! How could Mabeo ever imagine any of the professional arbitrators in the highest court of trade and labour disputes, might buy into his government’s nuanced interpretation of what might or might not constitute a life-threatening situation? Surely, Botswana isn’t the unique-st of countries around the world.

Each and all countries are exceptional and have features of individual uniqueness emblazoned on their vulnerable faces, in conjunction with their economies. Yea, diamonds may be Botswana’s lifeline. To imagine a strike in the diamond-sorting industry could paralyse, and if you like, be life-threatening not only to diamond- sorters themselves, but to all Batswana, who due to the un-wisdom of the government to diversify the economy to free Batswana from the government-created trap of an undiversified economy, will always lie in danger of unsafe, threatened lives! Hopefully, BW government will from now onwards, walk on the narrow and straight path!

B) Only recently, after a delicate avoidance, of the obligations of the SADC Protocol for women empowerment, on the pretext of Protocol language being prescriptive, Botswana government has signed a revised text, which didn’t reveal much difference to talk about. On the one hand, government had tried to demonstrate that despite her fuss to commit herself by signing the Protocol, in practice she had shown more commitment than other SADC states to the spirit of the Protocol as perceived by Batswana women, flooding the management echelons of public administration.

It was an attempt to have the best of both worlds: Declining to sign while doing what the signing demanded to be done? This was nothing more nor less of government admitting her habitual prevarication and the duck-and-dive tactics. The Protocol is about women empowerment, elevating women to decision-taking levels out of the doldrums of messengers and decision-implementers! Domkrag is smart, but not-so smart; the party lives up to the elements making up the name, Dom-krag: Dom (stupid) and Krag (power)! Any governing party has power to do things, but few are endowed with the wisdom to do wise things. Domkrag, always in her element!



Batswana and keen political observers generally, know how Botswana government has become expert egg-dancer around the zero-corruption dilemma circle, under the wings of Transparency International, who misconstrue misperceptions on Botswana corruption status as gospel. IT should seriously review the undeserved flattery she bestows on BDP government. A good starting point should be analysis of the toing-and-froing on corruption. The motion on Declaration of Assets and Liabilities, tabled by a BDP MP, Hon Joy Phumaphi in the Seventh Parliament (1994–1999, unanimously adopted by both sides of the House, as a corruption deterrent, has been hanging fire for 20 years!

Why? Because Domkrag IS corrupt! Legislating to nip corruption in the bud isn’t the Domkrag way; BDP blows hot and cold over a law that can make a difference! First, the Vice President, currently, the President, obliged to table the bill that had already been drafted; sat on it and let it accumulate dust! When opposition BCP undertook to resuscitate the bill, Domkrag majority closed, octopus-like, and shot down the bill, arguing that passing such legislation would steal the limelight belonging to BDP by virtue of her majority in the House.

Wow! Domkrag has been tantalising Batswana and the world, posing as a navigator around an un-navigable corner towards the Declaration of Assets and Liabilities legislation! The two-faced BDP is  spoiled by TI applause and Batswana yes-man-ship bamboozled by the start-stop-reverse BDP gear-shift! Indeed, people get the government they deserve! Batswana will squirm and squeal under Domkrag until they realise they’re here dealing with a hydra-headed animal! It’s incumbent on Batswana to reassess their political fortunes bogged down in alignment with the neither- fish-nor-flesh, will-o’-the- wisp Domkrag! The merry-go-round game played by the BDP must be brought to a halt, lest Batswana perish in the subtle inferno, beyond post-resurrection day!

D) Last, but not least in the unending political-survival shenanigans and tactics of the BDP, is to be found in the current screen of cat-and-mouse macabre dance of life-and-death, the persecuted asylum-seekers are made to dance. Almost all refugees are regarded as illegal immigrants, detained under appalling conditions in an ‘Illegal immigrants’ centre in Francistown. Accolades previously showered on Botswana as a haven of refugees has been wiped off the slate. Rejection of potential refugees choosing Botswana as the asylum par excellence after traversing different countries becomes objectionable to Botswana. Why? Isn’t it strange? For this model of peace and tranquility, this shining example of democracy, to decline recognition of being the best of the best in Africa? The excuse of mistreating African refugees fleeing oppression and persecution in their own countries, to meet persecution where they expected compassion, must mirror Botswana anew, as ruled by dregs of African society. Shame!


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