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Monday 19 March 2018, 06:30 am.
BNF leadership tours the nation

The Botswana National Front (BNF) Central Committee (CC) kick-started its tours over the weekend at Segale Primary School in Mochudi. The well attended meeting was addressed by the party President Gideon Duma Boko accompanied by some members of the CC.
By Correspondent Wed 31 May 2017, 16:04 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Online :: BNF leadership tours the nation

The purpose of the official tours is, among other things to update the membership on the recent developments, appreciate the state of the party and help resuscitate the party structures.

Boko praised the BNF cadres who have stood with the party during hard times, even when others had lost hope. These loyal cadres have since made the party vibrant and solid. He applauded the BNF membership for their commitment and participation in all the past bye-elections, which the party did relatively well. He expressed gratitude to members who have also endlessly used their personal resources to help grow the party.

He reminded members to ensure that their membership is up to date as this makes one to be a member in good standing. He also encouraged the membership to respect and understand the BNF constitution and its policies.

Boko further called on the membership to belong to the party and not to be owned by individuals. He observed that it is however acceptable to have divergent views within the party.

He said the most senior member of the party is the member himself and not the elected leadership. He said BNF leaders in their respective positions are not demigods but servants of the people.

He said the Puo Phaa concept does not promote pettiness, gossips, rumour mongering and other negative vices but good interests and positive views to build the party. Boko was worried that there are those who have perfected the skill of attacking, demonising and condemning others unnecessarily.

He said those members are overly excited by the social media and use it to gossip, castigate and insult other comrades. He said such characters are not party builders.

He said it was those who go to the river to fetch water that break the pot. He said most difficult political differences are usually bred by personal differences and not a problem of defective constitution. He said the BNF has a critical and key role to play in the success and stability of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), and therefore members should help achieve this objective.

He called


upon the members to understand what the BNF stands for as this will help take Botswana to greater heights. He implored the congress and conference delegates to know their roles and execute them effectively and efficiently and desist from truancy during official sessions. Boko emphasised on quality representation that report back to general membership. He promised to personally ensure there is systematic reporting.

He said the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has caused a lot of social injustice in the past 50 years; The new UDC government will have to work hard to correct the situation post 2019. He said sometimes it is healthy for a party to face challenges so that the best leaders emerge from the fracas.

He said the BNF has gone through trials and tribulations before and it has since emerged more robust. He said he was enjoying his BNF leadership and that if there are any challenges, he will go back to the electorates for direction. The members also interacted with the President through the question and comments session.

The Secretary General, Moeti Mohwasa had earlier on informed the masses that Boko was first elected as party President in Mochudi in 2010. He reminded the BNF cadres that the 2005 Ledumang congress resolution made it clear that all BNF councillors were full time party organisers and therefore should not miss party events and activities.

He said those willing to stand for elections should have proved themselves first by participating effectively and efficiently in party activities. He called upon the Chairpersons to reprimand the offending councillors as the party may degenerate into lawlessness and laissez-faire  mode.

The meeting was followed by a public rally in the afternoon at Notwane Freedom square.

The indoor meeting and the political rally were organised by the South Central region on behalf of CC. South Central won 7 out of 9 parliamentary constituencies in 2014 under the UDC.

The next stop for the President and his CC is Kweneng and Southern regions on the 10th and 24th of June respectively.

*Justin Hunyepa is BNF information and publicity secretary

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