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Keep trash in trash bins

There is this notion in peopleís minds of the natural strength in the society today. The strength to handle challenges and hardship of life, the strength to face all menace of humanity.
By Tumie Modise Mon 22 May 2017, 16:09 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Blogs :: Keep trash in trash bins

Since the famous Beijing congress, all focus is now on the girl child; talk of the empowering and all sort of support.

As this is happening, and it is not such a bad thing, the boy child is now in danger of losing value in this whole set-up. From government support to society focus, all talk is now about girls and women. Little talk about men and boys.

“Men are trash” is undoubtedly the trashiest, the silliest campaign I’ve come across in recent years. I will be the first person to agree and attest that men caused the first and second world wars and will likely even take us to the third.

Trump and the short Korean leader look determined to take us there. Several campaigns such as ‘Save the World, Stop Rape, Bring Back Our girls, Girl Power, We are not our V’s, Stop gender against Women and the Girl Child and many others were directly as a result of men. Men can be such bullies but still, I choose to pass on this latest one.

I once came across this other interesting placard. The banner was held up by a gay man during a gay march somewhere in the Western world.

I am not sure what the agenda was all about, but my guess is the homosexual community was upset about something and had taken to the streets to showcase their disgust. This placard, and I am tip toeing around it, was rather bold and held up by a man wearing a colourful jumpsuit and stilettos and it read; “So you hate gays, then stop giving birth to them!” Profound statement.

 African society had norms in the past that had great impact of infringement on the rights of the girl child. The girl child had no place in the all-male dominated fields, even at home.

She was a house taker rather house manager, until the continent woke up to the realisation that all people are equal and deserve equal chances, that’s where it began raining on the man. The balance of attention tilted much to the girl side and suddenly the boy was out of the picture.

Equality, precisely gender equality needs to be equal-equal in the sense that there is no view of one gender being weaker


than the other. Equality is not equal when there is allocation of stuff on one side of the balance than the other, when there are more opportunities placed in favour of one side than the other.

The boy comes into focus only when talking about the youth of which both parties are involved. Woe unto men who are in the adult bracket, they shall never be mentioned anywhere! 

Not surprisingly, this badly thought of trashy campaign fizzled out quickly as expected, on Mother’s Day! Now which sane woman is going to risk labelling and taunting men on Mother’s Day, second Valentine’s Day for most women?

I have serious misgivings with this ‘campaign’; it does not sit well with me. The first person who came to my mind when I saw the ‘Men Are Trash’ tagline was my late father. For all his short comings, we all have, he was not trash, not even remotely.

In my language trash means ‘letlakala’. The second people who came to my mind were my two young sons. I doubt they will become trash when they grow up, I am betting on it. I liken this campaign to throwing a rock at a fierce dog, throw the stone but know you are going to have to run faster than Amos!

Last time I invited the wrath of some females on myself. Apparently my crime is that I don’t always agree with the female agenda. I can’t deny that.

I have always been fiercely independent minded, growing up at home; sometimes I would disagree with my family just for the fun of it.

Difference of opinion is a fundamental right, not so? Life will become boring if we all thought and acted alike. 

Without sounding like the guy at the gay parade, I ask; so who gave birth to this trash? When you plant sorghum you will reap sorghum and not strawberries and cream. So this trash must have come from somewhere.

But talking of the not so honourable males, males who abuse, kill women then bury them in shallow graves, it’s a pity that their cowardly actions now affect decent men and they now find themselves being painted with the same brush. Ladies, isn’t it time we all took a break from such characters?

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