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SPTC introduces ‘Call a Cab’ strategy

SELEBI-PHIKWE: Selebi-Phikwe Town Council (SPTC) has launched Call-A-Cab strategy to effectively monitor and manage its fleet. Unlike in the past where council vehicles were seen around town and sometimes in unauthorised errands, the fleet now parks at a central area and dispatch upon request to a particular department.

The strategy also addresses the issue where some vehicles were associated with certain departments while others were suffering. town clerk, Godimo Garegope said his experience of having had to work under conditions where a council had to run and deliver with very few vehicles made him appreciate that resources are never enough but it is how they are used that matters.

He said a lot can be achieved in terms of effective service delivery with the fleet that SPTC has. Garegope said the strategy is meant to address transport issues within the council and has resulted in close monitoring of council fleet hence curbing misuse.

“Though there was bit of resistance to this new development, we see a positive result out of this strategy in that even the rate of fueling has reduced thus saving costs on fuel. We will however evaluate and make full assessment of the strategy very soon,” he said.

The Call-A-Cab strategy is however exceptional of trucks and specialised vehicles. He also added that he has never experienced an element of disgruntlement among council employees except seeing people with a lot of potential to do better. He added that though this year’s budget allocation may not be lower than expected it would adequately resource the town

if adequately spent. “Teamwork will take us there if we share the resources that we have,” he added.

Another positive trait that the town clerk has shown is that he is in the field most of time and this encourages employees to deliver and apply themselves. He also insisted on a code of dressing where employees are expected to appear smart all the time.

“Employees are never disgruntled if you give yourself time to meet them and give feedback. I always work closely with the unions as we always meet to do roadmaps. They are part of the management who do balance checks as they simply bring issues that concern staff welfare. We can form a formidable team if we work together,” he said. Garegope also stressed that he wants his office to be free from any political influence.

He said he is there to serve the community and facilitate Government programmes and therefore he only becomes friends with politicians outside work. “I also respect the mayoral office and I want to be able to work with anybody who assumes it. It is my duty to advice and serve all councillors regardless of political affiliations without any fear or favour because they all represent the community,” he added.




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