Mmegi Blogs :: Legend of Baloi: the esoteric level (5)
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Legend of Baloi: the esoteric level (5)

It should be firmly entrenched by now, in this current baloi miniseries, that ma-Illui, or ‘Eloi-m(a)’ – thus ‘Elohim’ in Hebrew syntax (which places the noun-pointing prefix at the end, as a suffix) – is simply a Hebrew plural term that, in reality, refers not to God but to ‘gods’…and that Setswana’s Ba-Loi (wizards) is a mere variation of the term.
By L M Leteane Fri 31 Mar 2017, 16:25 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Blogs :: Legend of Baloi: the esoteric level (5)

What links both terms is Sumerian – the oldest spoken/written language yet discovered – wherein illu means ‘Shining/ Illuminated One’, thus mo-illu (mollo) in Setswana and illuminate in the English borrowed term.

What further clinches the link’, I showed, is that the ancient Egyptian term Akhu (which in Setswana was ma-Akhu-a ‘(these Akhus”, now ‘Makgoa’) – indeed referred to them as ‘Shining Ones’, which ‘gods’ we evidently knew not as ‘ancestor spirits’ but pale-skinned, flesh-and-blood humans. Other traditions, I revealed, knew them as ‘Angels’ – also based on the Sumerian term AN.EL: AN (sky) and EL (Illu), thus ‘Sky-gods’. I duly linked ‘angels’ with ba-dimo (literally ‘sky-beings’ in Setswana) – a self-explanatory link.

(For their ‘heavenly’ background, see previous articles: it simply means that upon escaping ‘the Great Permian Extinction’ of some 250 million years ago, they fled to Mars…which, too, was later devastated, forcing them to return to Earth some 250 000 years ago. Indeed, anachronous fossilised, ultra-sophisticated items, when found, date to no later than the Permian extinction… after which there is a long gap!)

But, upon recolonizing Earth, the Elohim, drunk with the power of their ‘enlightenment’, eventually fought over following and land, which tussle almost destroyed them. So, in the time of Abraham, as a means of easing tensions, they came up with the audacious scheme of banishing outright the ‘worship’ of gods and instead secretly unite as ‘One Unseen God’ to the awed masses – their  trial-run being the ‘chosen’ nation of Abraham’s descendants, the Israelites. So well did it work, but so utterly cruel was their enforcement of ‘monotheism’ on the Israelites (carefully read Old Testament) that they dared not at any point reveal their ugly hand in ‘religious’ history: that it must never be known, let alone taught...a directive that had to be refreshed and updated through Paul when Jesus’ true teachings subtly exposed their machinations.

The early ‘Christian’ church, built on Paul’s doctrines after he murdered Stephen, the last, great, remaining Gnostic, was later buttressed, as planned, through Rome’s global power. (Paul was a Jew with full Roman citizenship; a suspiciously rare thing.)

With the exoteric side of the Elohim exposed, we looked at the esoteric side. The main thing to note, here, was that because ordinary humans once regarded their advanced technology as boloi (wizardry/magic) – literally: ‘the way of the ’Loi’ – it became a generic name for anyone perceived to wield magic or witchcraft. Nowadays, this is the only type of baloi we know of.

But genuine magic, we saw, could only be wielded by the very few people who could ‘thread through


the Eye of the Needle’ and penetrate to an invisible realm called the Ethereal Plane, whereat they obtain their limited magical powers natural to that plane, but mostly illegal in ours. The Ethereal Plane, I explained, is a ‘halfway station’ between our material plane and the ‘Astral’ plane.

(I showed how the advent of radio tore apart the then-entrenched Newtonian physics of solidity, which averred that “no two solid objects can occupy the same time and space”; that many stations can play in one living room separated only by ‘frequency’.)

So, the so-called ‘Heavens’, other Planes of Existence, I explained, are simply frequencies we can access through an invisibly-embedded ‘tuning knob’ called the Third Eye. The main shortfall of baloi, however, in contrast to a Saviour like Jesus, is that upon threading through the ‘Eye of the Needle’ (fofa ka nnale), they have no access to the Astral Plane (normally accessed only on death).

But their ethereal bodies are able to harness the same ‘ghostly’ powers of radio waves – including the ability to go through walls and okomela (peep at) people…which ability leads them no nearer to the Father, who resides in the Seventh Heaven. Only a Saviour can take us there.

Another ability genuine baloi harness is the ability to see one’s aura (also called ‘halo’). As one progresses through the Seven Heavens, thought is more and more evident; the separation between what we think/dream up and ‘reality’ becomes increasingly blurred until ‘what we imagine is instantly manifested’.

These are staggering powers wielded by the Father…and anyone who, like Jesus and Mary Magdalene, reaches the Seventh Heaven. But in the Ethereal Plane we only see the colour and texture of people’s thoughts through the halo…and that of the Saviours is overwhelmingly bright; made up of pure, loving thoughts.

(The true meaning of ‘Haloed be Thy name’ was obscured along with ‘Seventh Heaven’.) But why include Mary Magdalene? Guarding entry into each of the Seven Heavens is a Deity (‘Demiurge’ in Gnostic tradition; subverted to ‘Demon’ in Elohim-sponsored tradition).

On the Path, one must overcome (thus ‘cast out’) each Deity to reach the next level, and all this equating to spiritual growth, and nothing else (“the Kingdom of God is like…”).

o, Mary, ‘the woman out of whom came seven demons’ (Mark 16:9) is obscured Gnostic tradition. Next week, we show more closely why only on the cross did Jesus refer, in seeming frustration, to an ‘Eloi’– a strange name to many at that time (see Matthew 27:46);  why all the time he talks lovingly only of the Father…

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