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Shrenuj sells diamonds, jewellery to local market

Shrenuj Botswana is now offering locally manufactured diamonds and jewellery in its new showroom in Gaborone, Botswana.
By Boitshepo Majube Fri 11 Oct 2013, 15:10 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Online :: Shrenuj sells diamonds, jewellery to local market

The firm opened its diamond cutting and polishing factory in 2009, and expanded to jewellery manufacturing in 2011.

It has 300 employees, of whom 20% are hearing impaired.

In 2011, Shrenuj Botswana revealed that it would invest up to P740 million ($100 million) to set up and operate a new integrated cutting, polishing and jewellery plant in Gaborone in the next two years.

Kim Lanny, General Manager of Shrenuj, noted that their participation in the full diamond and jewellery pipeline in Botswana will allow local consumers to purchase high quality polished diamonds and jewellery at affordable wholesale prices.

"The showroom will allow local consumers to purchase polished diamonds and jewellery directly from the source," Lanny said.

Currently, the firm has a new jewellery collection of 250 pieces, which includes engagement rings, bridal rings, earrings, pendants, men's collection, cufflinks, lapel pins and fashion jewellery. The new showroom is located at Block 3 industrial, Gaborone.

Shrenuj & Co, an international company with a group turnover of $580 million, has six hubs around the world for diamond and jewellery retail and distribution. In addition to Gaborone, the company has a presence in Mumbai, Hong Kong, Seattle, Antwerp and Dubai, among others. It also has diamond-manufacturing companies in India, Israel, South Africa and Botswana. It also has jewellery firms in India, China and Botswana.

Shrenuj Botswana was appointed a DTC Botswana sightholder July 2010 after the collapse of DDA Botswana. The company took over DDA's premises and fast-tracked the upgrading and expansion of operations before taking its first supply from DTC Botswana in August of the same year.

Shrenuj was the first company to set up a jewellery manufacturing plant in the country and currently exports to the USA under the AGOA trade arrangement. Apart from Botswana, the Bombay Stock Exchange-listed Shrenuj & Co Limited has an integrated gem and jewellery conglomerate in 14 other countries with activities ranging from diamond processing, jewellery manufacturing to branding and retailing. It employs over 3,000 people in its worldwide operations. Shrenuj Group's state of the art diamond manufacturing facilities in India, Botswana and South Africa specialise in processing high quality diamonds.

The company says its product development team of designers and merchandisers is spread across the globe, to cater to national as well as international markets, and to quickly respond to changes in fashion trends. Shrenuj is a recipient of many national and international jewellery awards. Indian Shrenuj & Co appointed former President Festus Mogae to its board as an independent director in 2012.


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