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Apps, a new world order

We live in a digital era where life is fast-paced and is dependent on convenience and value for money. Hard earned money at that. There has been an evolution of innovative products and services that are deeply rooted in this philosophy of everything being within reach, and everything being of ease, at the click of a few buttons.

Apps have revolutionised the way we do any and everything online and have undoubtedly enhanced peoples’ Internet experience.  Everything is dead easy with the right app becoming our new world order!

In this new “Age of Apps” our whole lives seemingly move around mobile applications. 

Try waking up in the morning without an alarm.  Yes, that is also an app, incase you didn’t know.  Apps have revolutionised the way we live and the way we do things.Need to find your way around a foreign place?  Even getting around in a town or city you grew up in can be difficult. 

There’s an app for that, thanks to GPS technology! Trying to conceive? Are you unsure of how to calculate your ovulation cycle?  There’s an app for that too.  Apps have made everything just a click away. The first mobile smartphone was launched just over two decades ago, in 1994 and had over 10 built in apps.  Back then, apps weren’t downloaded, but rather came as inbuilt features like Calculator, Calendar, Mail, Address, etc. 

Fast forward to today and there’s a virtual store that one can indulge in and find an app for practically anything, as if they were in a mall.  It is undeniable that apps are fundamentally a new world order.

It is with this reasoning that Botswana Hotspots saw it fit to create one of their own.

 True to their vision of making internet accessible to everyone, Botswana Hotspots is proud to announce the Hotspots App; a revolutionary way of enabling users to have access

to the online purchase of vouchers. Surfing the net has definitely never been easier.

The Hotspots App allows you to access Botswana hotspots after buying vouchers wherever they are.  The voucher is bought from respective ISPs found on the app and is then delivered instantly to your mobile phone.  

Transaction receipts are stored and can be viewed at your convenience. This innovative feature is virtually just clicks away as it is now available from the Google Play Store!  After downloading the app you are able to buy vouchers online using any of the local bank debit cards and credit cards, irrespective of the bank you use.

Another stellar feature the Botswana Hotspots App has is location based services that allow you to locate your nearest Hotspot. This feature allows users to navigate to the hotspot location to consume the vouchers they’ve purchased.  All hotspot locations have been Geo-coded on the app for all users to be aware of all hotspots locations.  Keep track of your voucher validity through the app and never miss a beat.

Definitely a first for Botswana, the app has features such as “About Us” and “Contact Us” that allow users to know more about the service and share feedback. 

Lastly, but definitely not least, the app has social media log in capabilities.  This means that you can log into the app from any social media platform.

Download the Botswana Hotspots app today and unlock new value.  Enjoy convenience and ease when you surf the net.

Botswana Hotspots – Internet for everyone!




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