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Legend of bodimo: a mystery resolved (4)

Last week, in Part 3 of this miniseries, we saw why bo-dimo (giants) are remembered worldwide as man-eaters. The reason was that as the fateful year of 10 983 BC drew nearer, Earth was heading towards her most extreme tilt of 24.4 degrees (it is now at 23.5 degrees and slowly decreasing).
By L M Leteane Fri 03 Feb 2017, 17:01 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Blogs :: Legend of bodimo: a mystery resolved (4)

At that extreme angle, and because Earth always maintains the same orientation in its annual orbit around the sun – which causes the seasons – the Polar regions took turns at being even further from the sun than at present as the planet headed toward the peak of an Ice Age. As such, conditions were very difficult and food was scarce.

The Igigi (‘giants’ in Sumerian) – whose stature was a side-effect of being astronauts (see explanation last week) – then took to regularly swooping down on people and demanding their meagre harvests. This, I suggested, is when the term tsie (locust) was contemptuously associated with bo-dimo, thus tsie-badimo (‘locust-gods’). But as the Book of Enoch reveals, when the meagre offerings eventually became not enough to share with bo-dimo, they began to eat mankind himself. So bitter was this memory that it has refused to die even to this day…which brings us to another point.

It is not factual at all that everyone on Earth except Noah and his family died in the Great Flood remembered in Genesis 7. First of all, it was not caused by God’s wrath; it was the result of a natural cycle called the Earth’s obliquity (i.e. ongoing changes in its angle of tilt – as noted above). And since Earth is slightly flattened at the Poles, the enormous but consequently asymmetrical weight of the polar ice caps relative to the Earth’s core, coupled with the fact that when the Earth reaches the limit of its tilt a natural and sudden reversal towards a gentler angle becomes inevitable, may combine to generate enormous stresses that wreak havoc on the Earth’s tectonic plates, which in turn generate the greatest tsunamis imaginable that sweep well into the interior of most continents.

Now, to definitely escape this cataclysm, one would need…a spacecraft. And the astronauts of the gods were…the Igigi. So, like I duly noted last week, Sumerian and Akkadian texts inform us that towards 10983 BC (their 120th Shar), when Enlil the Leader of the Gods saw that disaster was imminent he called a meeting of the gods and made them all take an oath never to divulge this to all humanity. But, taking pity on mankind, the ‘snake’ Enki (as Enlil called his arch-rival and half-brother) instructed Noah on how to build a submersible vessel that will survive the ravages of the impending Flood. Since the Atra-Hasis – one of the many Akkadian (Babylonian) texts that recounts this story – is millennia older than Genesis, we easily see how roles were opportunistically changed around as to who saved Noah.

And one hole the compilers did not effectively plug was the fact that many of the Igigi (also called Nephilim) did in fact escape the Flood; only those outcasts who married the


‘daughters (descendants) of Adam’ were punished with abandonment. Indeed, when the fateful moment arrived and Earth seemed to be going mad “…by prearranged signal…crouched in their boats of heaven the Anunnaki (gods) to heaven were lofted.” It is thus no wonder that when the new Israelite nation was fresh out of Egypt and a delegation was sent to spy out the Promised Land in Canaan (Canaan was the ‘sacred’ region in which several mountain silos concealed the rocket-ships of the gods), their greatest shock was the sight of the Nephilim…the evident pilots of these spacecraft! Indeed, legend – still widely believed even today – had it that only Noah and his family had survived; that all ‘offspring of angels (read: ‘gods’) and humans’ had perished in the Flood! In reality, Enlil had simply decreed that humankind must never know the true history of the ‘gods’. That ancient directive is being ‘religiously’ followed to this day…

However, the Israelites evidently came to know that the Igigi were commonly called the ‘Annunaki’ –literally: ‘Those from the skies (An) who (u) stayed (nna) on Earth (Ki)’ – which they paraphrased as An-nna-Ki, the Hebrew plural of which became ‘Anakim’. (Joshua 14:12) But as I explained in Part 1 and Setswana also partly obviates, because the ‘Igigi’ (bo-dimo) and the ‘gods’ (badimo) are one-and-the-same entity…and yet we must not know anything about the true history of the ‘gods’, biblical compilers were instructed to invent a red-herring and say that the Anakim were descendants of a certain giant called ‘Anak’! (Numbers 13:33)

But there is one more thing to obviate…and this is the core of this week’s article. Is it true that giants really existed in ancient times? Let us duly explore modern evidence for this. Indeed, anyone who wants to learn more on the subject can google for themselves the various places around the world where dozens of remains of giants were discovered. In the USA alone, the skeletons of giants 8 to 12 feet tall were excavated in various mounds in Minnesota, and scores were found in a cave near Lovelock, Nevada. In South America, the remains of giants can be found in lava caves near Ulupalakua and Olowalu. Other verified discoveries include China and Australia. But there is one shocking thing about them: they are nearly all mummified…and red-haired! Embarrassed by the reality of Caucasians appearing in ‘strange’ parts of the world millennia before the so-called Age of Discovery when Europeans ostensibly first ventured into the New Worlds, Agents of Disinformation gallantly tried to convince us that the red hair is due to the absorption of certain minerals in the soil! Fine…but then, suddenly, governments began cementing over many of the sites…as if someone had sternly instructed: “enough already!”

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