Mmegi Blogs :: Legend of badimo: a myth unraveled (Part 2)
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Legend of badimo: a myth unraveled (Part 2)

Last week, I deemed it necessary to begin this miniseries with a short but necessary background overview. Therein, I noted that there is a plethora of evidence – nay: proof – routinely found embedded in fossilised rock, coal or volcanic ash 300 to 400 million years old, that reveals machined objects of such utter sophistication they ought to belong to our modern age.
By L M Leteane Fri 23 Dec 2016, 12:23 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Blogs :: Legend of badimo: a myth unraveled (Part 2)

Indeed, the latest finding I am aware of is an intricate gear-train – that is, a device on which gears travel – made of pure aluminium, found embedded and fossilised in a piece of coal 310 million years old. But, up to the early 1800s, no-one could ostensibly smelt bauxite (aluminium ore): it was only made possible by electrolysis; i.e. only after the discovery of electricity.

The gear-train was discovered by a Vladivostok, Russia resident in 2013. He took it for scientific examination…but, in typical fashion, no convention was held to discuss what ought to be yet another game-changing discovery. Ask any professor of archaeology or history.

Now, who could have left behind such a sophisticated device so long ago…when modern humans are supposed to have emerged only some 250 000 years ago? Last week I observed that no serious detective ignores empirical evidence when attempting to solve a case.

Yet, today, anyone who tries to make something of such discoveries is promptly labelled a ‘pseudo-scientist’ or ‘pseudo-scholar’ by the very people roundly ignoring such evidence. No wonder Michael Cremo labels it ‘Forbidden Archaeology’: it  does seem to be a coordinated effort, engineered by ‘authorities’ embedded in every top university in the West, to completely ignore such discoveries, and even forbid – with the help of governments – further investigation of them. And anyone who cries foul about this unhealthy state of affairs is promptly labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’…as if such a conspiracy – directly experienced by Cremo and others – is mere, unratified theory. But, very few, very smart (and, more importantly, very brave) researchers have found that the ‘supernatural’ powers described in many legends across every tribe and nation in the world, that attributed them to ancient ‘gods’ who were all-powerful: who could throw ‘thunderbolts’ (bombs) at people, ride fiery ‘dragons’ (jet aircraft) or, as witnessed by Ezekiel (see Ezekiel 1:15-21, 10:13-17), be lifted up high in the air by ‘whirring wheels’ (helicopter blades: “…the spirit (i.e. the power) to lift up [the angels]…lay in those wheels”, the awed prophet noted in Ezekiel 10:17) – all these were nothing but technology even a child would understand today.

Yes, we are now living in the 21st Century…not medieval Rome…so we ought to know better. And just as it was the gods’ plan that we must not become like them, ‘knowing everything’ (see Genesis 3:22), they kept these ‘wonders’ strictly to themselves while creating a parallel civilization that ordinary people had no window into.

And, worst of all, they could not help having much fun at our expense…pretending that they were the real God Himself, the


Creator of everything: periodically landing their smoky aircraft on mountaintops (Exodus 19:16-18; 24:16-17) and commanding people to obey their laws and kill each other without mercy (Deuteronomy 3:2-7).

No wonder, today, their powerful descendants – ensconced in secret societies – do not want anyone digging into their shameful, tricky past! And they have succeeded beyond measure: everyone – and I mean everyone of note – is fooled. “I don’t belief in myth”, our ‘learned’ professors say…faithfully repeating what their masters have commanded; disregarding, or being oblivious to, the mounting proof around them.

In my many articles in this column, I unveiled the manipulative past of these so-called ‘gods’, who in reality did exactly what NASA astronauts could do today: escape to space in a case whereby, for example, a large asteroid was heading our way – on an inevitable collision with Earth – and certain to bring to near-extinction all life on this planet.

After many years of watching people sink to utter primitiveness – perhaps after a generation or two of the survivors has died off – the astronauts return from their space sanctuaries and call themselves ‘superior beings from the sky’ in front of trembling, overawed people who had heard ‘stories’ of such sophisticated beings of a prior time. And we, of course, do everything they command, believe everything they say. That, in short, is the sad story of badimo – ‘beings from up high’, in Setswana.

Indeed, these were no mere ‘spirits’, as Africans now believe. Evidently, we have forgotten our very own etymology…and that is mostly because we had no written records.

Which is exactly why, in my new thematic thread, I now concentrate on exposing how similar our ancient legends – now called ‘myth’ – are to other cultures outside of Africa…and in particular of ancient Mesopotamia (now Iraq) where arguably the oldest writing emerged.

Ba-dimo were evidently ancient astronauts. But the descendants of the gods, today, have cleverly ensured that, academically, this term is like a dirty word: roundly discredited by ‘everyone’.

Now, I too do not agree with Erich von Daniken’s own famous take…but I don’t just throw out the baby with the bathwater: I research facts anew and come up with a better conclusion. Indeed, the Greek word deimos (an obvious corruption of ba-dimo: ‘sky-beings’) betrays the ancient link with the ‘heavens’. From this, when ‘monotheism’ was introduced, deimos became just one Dei (God).

Instead, deimos became the source of ‘demon’...a made-up ‘spirit’ creature; a gogo meant to frighten us like children. Next week, we see why bo-dimo (giants) were still these gods…still these ancient astronauts.

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