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The good, the bad and the ugly entertainers

The entertainment industry informally known as show business or showbiz is a large number of sub-industries devoted to entertainment. Showbiz is a busy industry and apart from the fun filled happy moments, it can never be short of controversy. Mmegi Arts & Culture writers MOMPATI TLHANKANE and DUMISANI NCUBE look down at some of the memorable moments in the arts sector this year
By Mompati Tlhankane Dumisani Ncube Fri 23 Dec 2016, 18:00 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Online :: The good, the bad and the ugly entertainers


BOMU awards

Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) held their eighth annual awards on November 5 under the theme ‘Best of all times’ and the whole thing was a flop from the beginning to the end. If it was a competition this one will take the crown. We don’t even know where to begin. Apart from the union being in chaos at least they should have done the awards right. Everyone labeled them as a “high school prize giving ceremony”. The event was televised on BTV but the production was poor and it was easy for the viewers to spot specific foul-ups. They later blamed Braveheart for the substandard production.


BOT50 theme song

This year the country celebrated 50-years of independence, Batswana artists have been producing wonderful music and the BOT50 theme song should have reflected that. Like usual BOMU was tasked with the job and they failed everyone. The song assembled a talented lineup like Ashley Gops, Women of Jazz Nnunu, Nono and Punah, ATI, Senyonfere, traditional dance artist Sheleng but they just couldn’t do it for Batswana.


Kast’s Tlatsa lebala

The ‘Tlatsa lebala’ idea came out as a result of South African millionaire artist Cassper Nyovest’s fill up the dome success but veteran local rapper Kast failed twice this year to stage what was supposed to be an attempt to fill up the 23,000 seater National Stadium. Kast’s idea was endorsed by many entities such as Yarona FM but the Bantuka rapper let everyone down each time. Lets us hope he finally fills it up on April 2017.


Son of the Soil

We  love Son of the Soil from the food, drinks and attire because its basically the it when comes to cultural events in Botswana. Many who attended this year’s event will tell you how they were left dissatisfied due to poor event management and organisation. Let us hope they fix their errors next year.


YAMAs disappointment

Yarona FM music awards are the biggest music awards in Botswana even though they are just three years old now. But this year’s YAMAS XXXL held a few weeks ago just did not have that vibe. Deserved winners won their awards but the event failed to attract the expected audience and the performances on the day were not top notch.


Awkward moments

Somizi’s half a million BOT50 payment

This one was really a shocker! BOT50 paid South African entertainer and choreographer Somizi close to half a million for teaching Batswana how to dance. He received a backlash from Batswana but in an interview with Showbiz in October, Somgaga as he also known refuted the allegations but refused to disclose the amount he got for the choreography gig.


A United Kingdom ticket price

A United Kingdom movie based on the autobiography of founding father Sir Seretse Khama and his wife Ruth Williams Khama is clearly a movie we should be proud of, as Batswana but the initial ticket prices were bizarre. People were asked to pay P1,500 to see the movie and it was shocking because nobody pays that much for a Hollywood movie in 3D. 


Berry Heart nominations

This one is funny as much as it is shocking and unfair. Berry Heart’s new album Kenya received six nominations at Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) awards, despite the album not having been launched yet. The issue was settled easy and she did not win any award for the album. 


Charma Gal refuting baby allegations

Botswana’s most popular female artist Charma Gal shocked everyone when she refuted claims that she had given birth to a baby boy. Celebrities hide their private life from the public but a baby is the most precious news ever and she should not have hidden it from us.


The Hamptons organisers

disrespecting fans and media

“Reka lapa” is one of the words everyone thinks of when The Hamptons is involved. The Hamptons promoters made a derogatory statement that was posted on their Facebook page almost a week before their first festival and it caused uproar on social media. They made a thin apology and on top of that the event main promoter Debbie Smith accused the media of eating all the food at the VIP lounge last year. She hasn’t apologised to the media yet so certain media houses have boycotted her events.


Sasa Klaas against promoters

From dating Nigel Amos to Ozi F Teddy, Sasa Klaas always make news. This year she was rumoured to be dating new boy Ban T but that’s not the point. Sasa Klaas clashed with promoters of Botswana 50th Pre Celebration Bash (which was a flop by the way) earlier this year. It was an intense war on social media.


Diva Vebrok

Diva Vebrok celebrated her ten years in the industry by announcing that the spiritual doctor from Ghana, Nana Kwaku Bonsam is her true lover. We wish them all the best in 2017.


Miss Botswana Tatoos

Miss Botswana Thata Kenosi failed to make it to the top 20 finals of Miss World recently but she has seen it all ngwana yole wa batho.! She didn’t get to


spend a day and people were all over her on social media. From her answer during the pageant to the tattoos, Batswana just felt she wasn’t suitable.


Beery Heart vs Tumy Modise

This will go down as the best catfight in Botswana this year. Berry Heart and Tumy Modise went back and forth on Facebook and whichever side you were in, it was a bloody fight. Berry Heart was quite brutal on her rival, and hey no nudes from her this year, what a wonderful 2016.


Ozi F Teddy against everyone

Apart from being the most controversial artist in Botswana, Ozi F Teddy is an arrogant rapper that we need in the game. He took a swipe at everyone including A.T.I and Young Black. And one more thing, he is currently beefing with Vee.


SA musicians snubbing local shows

This will never stop, will it? South Africa headlines our shows and most of them never show and the organisers also never have the decency to announce that to the fans. We can name them, Naak Music, Emtee, Nasty C, they all failed to show up at various shows this year. We hope it stops next year.


Proud Moments


International title

Despite being the only African country participating at the Little Miss Princess of the World pageant Botswana’s own Tshepang Khan won the title. The win led to the 14-year-old getting recognition all over the world and local companies using her as model on adverts and billboards.


New TV station

A new television station, Access TV that broadcasts locally and around the sub Saharan region was established in Botswana this year. The youth oriented Access TV gave a chance to many film producers and media personalities to exhibit their craft and skills since there were only two TV stations in the country prior its establishment. The 24-hour channel plays strictly local content. And hey, we are still waiting for the second state television that Minister Olopeng long promised.


A United Kingdom

This year saw international film director Amma Asante putting together the first international film that depicts Botswana and its founding President Sir Seretse Khama. The main theme of the movie is based on the love life of Sir Seretse Khama and Lady Ruth Khama. The film stars international actors such as David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike.  The film has premiered locally and overseas. The movie has been showcased at New Capitol Cinemas.


Vee Mampeezy

The hardworking superstar singed a deal with Universal Music Group, which made him the only Motswana to have such a deal. This also means that Vee’s music is now distributed all over the world through the expertise of Universal Music Group. In a bid to launch his latest studio album, I do Vee recently filled up Stanbic Bank Piazza. The album launch featured a number of local and South African artists. In the album Vee featured South African artists such as Cassper Nyovest, Uhuru and the late Sfiso Ncwane.


New school leaders

A number of changes came along this year in the music industry as a number of young artists came to the fore. The likes of Amantle Brown, Ban T, Faded Gang and Han C conquered the urban music industry. The awards they have scooped and the big numbers that they have appealed to is testimony to this.


7D XD cinema

The first ever 7D XD cinema called Hospitium 7D was introduced in the capital city. This is the first of its kind. Visuals appear in a 7D format making the film content to look and appear real to the people watching.


Rise of Hip-hop

The hip-hop industry was not that busy this year but a number of developments took place. This year’s Yarona FM Music Awards (YAMAs) saw one of the local hip-hop godfathers Prezbeatz being awarded Hall of Fame award.

Zeus collaborated with American artist Brynnan Lark on a track titled Tip Toe. With activities in the rap game veteran rapper and Drama Boi saved the game, as they are the only rappers that released full-length projects this year.  Moreover Botswana will now stage the biggest Hip Hop show in the country when Rick Ross visits on December 31.


Sereetsi & The Natives international tour

They are the best band in Botswana currently and they only released their maiden album Four Strings Confessions last year but we have only seen them rise more and more in 2016. They now have an app; they toured SA and had festivals in Europe. On top of that they were the biggest winners at this year’s BOMU awards.


Mlesho’s success with Tlhomela

He came back stronger this year with his hit song Tlhomela. Though he might not have seen it coming, this song is not urban hit but it’s all over the country. Mlesho deserves an applause for giving us an anthem especially that Charma Gal didn’t release anything this year.


Biggest Music festivals


St Louis Fest


Most Trending artists

Amantle Brown

Sereetsi and the Natives


Ban T

Popular Songs

Mlesho- Tlhomela

Amantle Brown – Black Mampatile

Sereetsi & The Natives – Robete

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