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Lie detector visits terror on cash crusaders employees

The biggest retail outlet for new and second-hand goods, Cash Crusaders has been rocked by allegations of subjecting their employees to inhuman treatment including using undesirable and demeaning names.

Lately, new allegations have surfaced that now employees are subjected to a polygraph testing without prior notice or consultation and in turn given warning letters after allegedly failing the test.

The polygraph, popularly referred to as a lie detector, measures and records several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions to detect if he/she is lying or not.

The retail management is now accused of subjecting the employees to the machine while asking questions such as if they had taken any bribes from customers to not being truthful towards the retail’s management.

In recent happenings, the staff members are alleged to have not been coping with the company’s new developments that they approached their union, Cashiers, shop Assistants and Allied Workers Union (CASAWU) to rescue them.

The union in turn wrote a letter dated August 8, 2016 to the management through their attorney Ndaba and Associates to that effect, requesting immediate ceasation of the tests on the said employees.

In the letter the company advised the union that no member of the company staff was compelled against their will to undergo a polygraph test.

The retail management also in the letter accused officers of CASAWU of appearing countless times at their offices without any prior arrangement and subjecting them to unreasonable and unnecessary demands coupled with racial slurs.

“The demands such as requiring client to respond to correspondence within one hour while the officers of CASAWU wait at the client’s door are both

unreasonable and unprofessional.

If such behaviour continues, client reserves the right to require such officers to leave its premises,” further read the letter.

However, the union in what they described as their relentless fight for the employees’ rights are far from backing down.

In a response letter dated August 11, 2016, CASAWU said they have since advised their members to refuse such tests, especially that they had outlined that no employee is forced. The union said any refusal by the management to stop the tests would be vigorously challenged.

“Having indicated that none of the employees are forced to undergo such tests, which is a proper position, we are advised that your client has continued to conduct the tests.

We have since advised them of their right to refuse to undergo such tests.

None of them will agree to undergo such test despite the alleged agreements,” explained the letter.

The union further advised the management that the Employment Act prohibited any employer to enter into an employment contract that provided for conditions less favourable to an employee.

Meanwhile in one warning letter seen by The Monitor, an employee (name withheld) was found guilty for failing the test.

Details of the offence included failing the test on questions asked in reference to protecting anyone that stole from cash crusaders, taking bribes from customers and the public for favours and doing private deals and lastly not being truthful towards the management.

The warning that was signed by the Director would last for six months and would expire on November 4, 2016.




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