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Molokomme inspires women prisoners

Friday morning turned out to be a blessed day for female prisoners at the Gaborone Women’s Prison as they got visitation from the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) officials who donated some toiletries to the prisoners.

This was a special day as apart from the walls and fences in the prison, they got an opportunity to dance and mingle with the Attorney General (AG) Athaliah Molokomme and see new faces. The group of inmates gave their visitors a very warm welcome by singing them beautiful hymns and they danced in excitement. Some of them were carrying their babies who also seemed happy to embrace the occasion. When addressing the gathering, Molokomme said the donation was part of AGC’S effort to foster and encourage unity of which the nation prides itself as it celebrates 50 years of independence. 

She said AGC employees found it fit to dig deep into to their pockets to raise funds which enabled them to buy toiletries for them and clothing hampers for their children. She also pointed out that she visited the female prisoners on yearly basis as she was passionate about human rights and their wellbeing. She commended the prison’s staff for taking good care of the inmates and the prison facilities. Furthermore, Molokomme advised the female prisoners to use their sentences also a rehabilitation to change into better people. She said it was important for them to learn from their mistakes and improve their social life.

“I would like to encourage you to learn from your past and

become better society members. Don’t give up on life because you are in prison. Keep your hope up and know that like any other person you have rights to become better people,” she advised.

Molokomme stated that life was the most difficult exam that many people fail because they try to copy others not knowing that every person has their own question paper.

She further told the inmates that the money used to buy them the presents were from her employees who used their hard earned money to shower them with love saying it proved that it was not difficult for them (prisoners) to love themselves when outsiders could do the same. Officer-in-Charge, senior superintendent Keitumetse Manyaagae commended AGC officials for their good gesture. She said the best thing a person could donate was their time more than their money.

“The good deeds you do for someone in need are more paying than a job with a pay cheque. Let us learn to give back to the community for it is important before the eyes of the Lord,” she said.

The inmates were also advised to take advantage of their situation and utilise the programmes the government has made for them either through education or vocational training so that they could lead a better life after prison.




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