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IDM Exporting Learning Program

Local training institute, IDM, has announced at their 2016 Pitso that they are exporting their newly developed training programme, Bachelor of Office Management to Namibia, Zambia and Malawi.
By Correspondent Mon 08 Aug 2016, 14:02 pm (GMT +2)
The Monitor :: IDM Exporting Learning Program

IDM Botswana head of human resources & organisational development, Seetie Mpoeleng, told stakeholders the new programme is in high demand and that it would fill the gap in an environment where office managers and secretaries have traditionally trained in certificates and diploma levels, without any institution offering them a degree programme.

A proud Mpoeleng said the new programme targets in-service officers who come in for a week, and are given assignments to go and complete.

Mpoeleng also raved about IDM’s Bachelor of Early Childhood, describing it as a hit nationally. The IDM official says the programme that starts next week has an impressive laboratory fitted with equipment ideal for pre-schools, where students will perform their practicals, with a lot of visitations by students to pre-schools for hands-on practical experience.

Another IDM official Tebatso Paul also raved about IDM’s Public Health degree programme saying it has had overwhelming response from the Ministry of Health targeting various health practitioners such as nurses, counsellors, nutritionists and pharmacists. This course is commencing end of August.

She also hailed IDM’s monitoring & evaluation post graduate diploma programme, as well as short courses on monitoring & evaluation, saying IDM remains the only training institute in Botswana offering the programme.

Paul said the monitoring & evaluation programme came about in the wake of the devastating effects of HIV & AIDS when IDM was identified by the National Aids Coordinating Agency (NACA) and partners to develop a monitoring & evaluation tool back in 2006, a process that resulted in today’s post graduate programme as well as related short



Another IDM Botswana head of department, Sam Ranngobana hailed the institute for introducing the first ever degree programme in archives & records this year, saying they remain the only institute in Botswana offering degree level in archives & records. Ranngobane also told the stakeholders about IDM’s locally developed degree program in finance & accounting.

Speaking at the Pitso, IDM regional director Richard Malikongwa described the IDM as a values-driven entity that offers high quality products and services.

Malikongwa who recently joined IDM from Barclay’s Bank noted that IDM was among the first training institutions in Botswana to acquire the ISO 9001:2008 certification from Botswana Bureau of Standards in 2007 and that it continues to maintain this certification to date.

Malikongwa further noted that the 2016 IDM Pitso coincides with the completion of the review of their 2016 - 2021 strategy which offers fresh opportunities for IDM’s growth.

He said the purpose of the Pitso was to learn from stakeholders how best IDM could revolutionise customer service experience and become the preferred service provider in the region and beyond.

“The reason we established this platform is for you to tell us where we are doing well, where we can improve and where the opportunities lie. Whilst we are happy to have set the tone, we are also excited to wake up every day to explore how well we can sustain ourselves into the future the same way we started in 1974”.

Malikongwa said IDM have strategically aligned with internationally recognised institutions to offer quality service to customers and clients.


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