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BOFEPUSU Audit Report Welcome But More Needed To Promote Openness

Over the weekend the public sector Federation BOFEPUSU convened its Governing Council where it released its financial audits of the last eight years.

This is indeed a welcome move, after the Botswana Teachers Union(BTU) a BOFEPUSU affiliate recently called for the release of  the audited financial reports, arguing that it wanted to protect the integrity of  its President and treasurer, who also sits in BOFEPUSU as President and treasurer respectively.As a public sector union federration, which also plays a critical role  in the political space as an endorser of the opposition block, the UDC, BOFEPUSU’s  handling of public finances has to be seen in the eyes of the public as  transparent and above reproach.

By continually availing its audited financial reports to public scrutiny BOFEPUSU  is actually showing itself to be a transparent and accountable entity to its over 76,000 subscribers, who deserve to know about all BOFEPUSU’s investments and how they are performing, as well as being updated on the financial implications of endorsing the UDC, if any.  In short, their public funds have to be accounted for.

For instance,  it would not be  out of order for members to demand to know how much money was used to support the UDC in the past 2014 elections, if any, or to

sponsor the Motswaledi  investigations, or how much was spent on other  courses such as response to the Matsha college tragedy, Abbie Ntshabele’s chronic  situation and so on and so forth.

Perhaps it is also time for BOFEPUSU to put pressure on the UDC to heed public calls for the release of the two reports on the cause(s) of Motswaledi’s death. In recent weeks there have been calls on social media and radio stations to have the UDC release their findings. Indeed these calls are justified in a democracy, especially coming from the members of the public  some of whom contributed funds toward such a noble cause. BOFEPUSU should not be mistaken to be just watching and turning a blind eye to the delays of the release of these reports which now seem to be irking everyone. Indeed BOFEPUSU should not be seen to be too scared to publicly call the UDC to account to the public.Such calls should not be seen as politically motivated and be dismissed. This is where the public needs the backing of BOFEPUSU to cause the UDC to  release the reports.




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