Mmegi Blogs :: BFA NEC at war with itself, again
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Thursday 22 February 2018, 12:54 pm.
BFA NEC at war with itself, again

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) has been improving on its health in the last few months. Over a period, all seemed to have stabilised and all those gaffes that used to be the order of the day at Lekidi had abated.
By Thuso Palai Fri 04 Dec 2015, 11:50 am (GMT +2)
Mmegi Blogs :: BFA NEC at war with itself, again

Although there have been the regular expected mishap and bad call, the general outlook and well-being of the BFA has been improving. To some extent, the BFA have over the past few months regained some credibility among many, as they have improved drastically.  

Just when I thought, all is well and all is headed in the right direction, the BFA has started fighting from within. As with any such issue, these reports of infighting and jostling for positions already will be dismissed as pure speculation and the media will be accused of malice and peddling lies. That is always the case when such happens. But to just remind all, the media don’t wake up and make stories.

They might not have all the facts right as people deny them information, but they always report on something that is bubbling under. There is never smoke without fire and it is quite evident that there are some who are already eyeing the BFA Presidency position.

Names have been mentioned and as is expected they have denied the links. They have given the expected, usual ‘I will stand if I’m asked to do so”. It is quite evident that there is already hush-hush campaigning and the chess game has already started.

As it is, the Botswana Football Association elective congress is approaching and already internal divisions and factions are showing. In the last elections, the ‘Friends of Football’ faction, led by Tebogo Sebego and with Tariq Babitseng as the lead foot soldier, was the talk of town. They brought about a breathe of fresh air, they said all the right things and talked the talk.

They presented themselves as a solid block that would turn Botswana’s football around. Tebogo Sebego used his charm and corporate outlook on issues to win hearts, while his main foot solider Tariq Babitseng went into the gutters and talked to the


rank and file. They had the right team in the eyes of those who were to vote.

They were convincing. They subsequently won and the ‘Friends of Football’ came into power. At first all was well and good. But then the wheels started to come off. There were reports of inner strife. Some members were suspended and subsequently ditched, while other resigned.

Which begs the question; is ‘Friends of Football’ still intact and as strong as it was back then. Will they do all to ensure that Sebego retains the Presidency. There is a whole lot of dynamics at play, and with the Bloc having disintegrated and weakened a bit, is there any new strategy to keep their man in place.

Reports are abound that some people are already position themselves for the Presidency and have already started the ground work to canvass for votes. As the incumbent, they will surely pick on Sebego’s shortcomings and discredit him to score votes. The main threat to Sebego’s presidency is whether he would have the support of those around him. That will be the major determining factor.

 A tactical and shrewd man he is, I’m pretty sure he has already seen the smoke and is already looking at how he can extinguish the fires. As much as his detractors are grouping up against him and planning to oust him, he is also hatching a plan to counter them. This is going to be one interesting election.

Last time we have two strong men in David Fani and Sebego vying for the Presidency, and it was an interesting battle. This time around, we have Sebego, who will have to stave off strife within his camp, before dethroning whoever his challenger will be. We are in for an interesting battle, and the lead up to the elective congress will be interesting, if not very tactical. 


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