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I love technology

Everybody needs money and a brandís strength is measured by its sales and age imprint. Age imprint I mean how long the memory of your brand sticks to a personís mind. Ideally, technology is expected to accelerate and somehow guarantee the people who own brandsí longevity. We worry so much about self-sustenance and there is a lot of emphasis on using conventional means of survival. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Setlaela!).
By Maya Roze Mon 07 Oct 2013, 17:21 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Blogs :: I love technology

Similar to a lot of people, I often wonder about how digital sales work, and to what extent do they work for local artists. It is apparent that everybody is becoming techno-savvy as if it is another monkey trend. It does not matter that you can use your iPhone as a defense mechanism, i.e. stun gun, all you worry about is if it can ‘facebook’ and ‘tweet’. So I contacted someone whom I thought has had experience in the world of digital sale and local musicians. His name is Rimzy. Hot young kid with massive talent.

Basically, there are data stores such as iTunes that sell music online, eliminating the limitations of geography. There are agencies where artists can register and be represented as well as artists submitting the music directly to the data store. There is a fee: P150 or P300 for a single to be sent for all data stores for a period of a year and for a 5-year period: P1500 for a single and an album is at P3000. Progression has never been for free and well these amounts are realistic, as in, you can save for it and have a form of growth. We tend to forget the Diaspora that need a taste of home, a reminder of who they are and a form of constant contact with home. We are all they have in terms of keeping up with the changes here in Botswana.

It does not really matter where these agents are based. It is a joy that they exist in the first place. So, you register and create and account using your credit card. Yes, credit card or paypal setup and you buy credit for an album or single. It is important to note that the purchaser may reject your single due to quality (we have a horrid tendency to send mediocre tracks because your quart drinking buddies lied to you about the dopeness of your tracks). So it is no guarantee that you will be able to join the stock on the data store but you need to investigate how to attain the best quality finish for your music for it to be acceptable.It terms of monitoring, artists will receive reports about the viewing traffic of their profile, the listenership daily

Rimzy added that majority of purchasers are primarily student base or fellow artists who (sourcing from our local experience, do not have access to credit facilities. So the status quo is that our local purchases would be increased and that technology is not a hindrance, as I had previously thought. So once again, it is a challenge on a bigger scale as in making it that people, especially our client base, are able to access credit facilities so that we get paid. In addition, we cannot blame it on the speed of the internet because about 10MB can be downloaded in less than 30mins. The advantage that the folk overseas clearly others have over us Batswanians is that getting a credit card aint no thing but a chicken wing especially seeing as top consumers are from Canada, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. But do not be do disdainful as there is a mobile network that is introducing a product meant to make life much easier. Guys. Let us not behave like typical tswanas and scrutinize this product once it is out. Buy as much music as you can, make it happen before the project goes defunct. To must take advantage of the opportunity while you can.

I don’t know about you but I am chuffed that I had this talk with Rimzy88BeatSanin as my perspective on the movement of our arts online has been clarified. So build, own and believe in the tools that are finally being put in place for your utilization and our profits. You see if you can then validate your downloads into cash money, then no one can attempt to even negotiate your worth. I love technology. I love what technology is doing for the arts. Yay!  

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