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Shashemooke 'riot instigators' in court

FRANCISTOWN: Thirteen residents of Shashemooke appeared in court last week charged with inciting violence, causing bodily harm and causing malicious damage to property at the village following the funeral of Florence Ramontsho, whose remains were retrieved from a well on September 18, 2013 after she disappeared in 2011.
By Lebogang Mosikare Sun 06 Oct 2013, 22:50 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Online :: Shashemooke 'riot instigators' in court

The residents, 10 females and three males, are charged together with an unspecified number of people who police said were still on the run on all the three counts.

They allegedly committed the offences at Shashemooke on September 29, 2013 during Ramontsho's funeral.  Prosecutor Moatswi Lapologang applied that the pleas of the accused be reserved because police were still on the lookout for other suspects who are on the run.

In the first count, the state alleges that the accused uttered the following words to a group of people,

"The headman of Shashemooke (David Batshogile Adams) has eaten (killed) a child and he should be beaten.

"We do not want bones. These bones should not be buried. If it were in Mochudi they would not accept these bones. Old men with grey hairs are just cold and they do not say anything," which utterances indicated that it was desirable to bring physical injury on the person of the headman.

The state in the second charge alleges that the accused assaulted Adams by hitting him with a Sjambok on the head and a stone on his left arm. He was left with some bruises on his ear and arm, the charge sheet further reads.

In the last count the state alleges that the accused caused damage to the green Land Rover car belonging to Adams by smashing all the windscreens, windows, headlamps, tail lights and indicators of the car.

The investigating officer in the matter, Assistant Superintendent Lawrence Nthoiwa pleaded with the court to remand the accused in jail because investigations were still at their initial stages.

Nthoiwa further said that the accused should be remanded in custody because police are yet to arrest some suspects who are still at large.

He added: "We fear that if granted bail the accused may interfere with police investigations. The situation is still very tense at the village.

"The safety of the complainant (Adams) is at stake under the present circumstances. ...  There are rumours doing rounds in the village that the accused want to attack the village headman and they may complete that mission if granted bail."

Chief Magistrate Peggy Madandume refused to grant the accused bail. She said that it was difficult to grant them bail before some procedures were followed lest the situation got out of control just like in Mochudi in 1994 following the alleged ritual murder of one Segametsi Mogomotsi.

"Tempers should be allowed to recede at Shashemooke before your bail application can be considered. I advise police to expedite their investigations. In the meantime you shall be remanded in custody until 9 October."

Some of the accused persons cried outside court after the magistrate remanded them in custody.  Their relatives and fellow villagers who came to court in droves comforted them before they were whisked to prison.

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