Mmegi Blogs :: Thank you Mr Blatter; so long
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Friday 23 February 2018, 16:00 pm.
Thank you Mr Blatter; so long

After 18 years at the helm of FIFA, after years and years of corruption and calls for him to resign, and just four days after being re-elected to head FIFA again Swiss Joseph Sepp Blatter has finally called it quits.
By Thuso Palai Wed 10 Jun 2015, 12:36 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Blogs :: Thank you Mr Blatter; so long

Blatter is a strong willed gentleman who has stood through all the pressures and calls for him to resign; and his announcement that he would step down left many with more questions than answers. Why now? What could have changed since he said he is not going anywhere just a few days earlier when he was seeking re-election?

A few days earlier when seeking re-election; Blatter had said that stepping down would mean that he has done something wrong and then a few days later he does resign. What does that mean? While everyone around him was being investigated, indicted and arrested for alleged corruption Blatter remained untouchable and he claimed ignorance.

In Zurich last week just before the FIFA Presidential elections; seven top FIFA officials were arrested and once again Blatter dismissed it as a witch-hunt and remained focussed on the prize; which was to become FIFA President. Those arrested included several high ranking officials just below Blatter in the hierarchy of sport's wealthiest body.

FIFA sponsors in VISA, Adidas, Coca Cola and Budweiser released statements after the arrests airing their concerns and once again Blatter remained unmoved.  He was recently quoted saying that he cannot Police all the FIFA officials. However things seem to have changed since then, prompting his resignation a few days after making the statement.

To many Blatter is a hero, while to others he is a Villain who should have gone a long time ago. In Africa and in Asia, Blatter is widely regarded as a Hero as he brought the World Cup to the continents and increased their World Cup slots. That is a great positive and that is the reason why all of Africa and most of Asia felt indebted to Blatter and they voted for him enmasse. Africa and Asia were Blatter’s pet projects and he could bank on their support at election time.

On the other hand, the west; especially the UK and the UK see Blatter as a Villain who should have gone a long time ago. FIFA is an all-powerful organisation that accounts to no country and the West felt that Blatter was doing everything wrong


with Impunity as he had no one to report to. He could only report to FIFA Internal committees which he could manipulate; most notably the Ethics Committee.

It still baffles me as to why and how everyone around Blatter could be investigated and indicted for Corruption or some kind of wrongdoing and he can claim ignorance of everything and denies any knowledge or involvement. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe he is not corrupt as he says, and he did not do anything wrong, but at the same time he seems unmoved. I wonder why?

As we speak, the major bone of contention is the Awarding of World Cups and the allegations that big monies changed hands to influence the decisions on the host countries.  Four World Cups; France98, SA2010 and the upcoming Russia2018 and Qatar2022 World Cups are under investigation. American Chuck Blazer and Trinidadian Jack Warner are revealing all. These were once powerful men who were among Blatter’s close allies.  I cannot for one second believe that they did all these things they say; without Blatter’s knowledge while they were so close to him.

However we see this latest FIFA saga, whichever side one is; there is guarantee that more skeletons will come out of the closet. More is yet to come out and more names will be revealed with more heads expected to roll. It is now a case of everyone revealing what they know to save themselves. Blazer and Warner have started telling all. Will the seven FIFA officials in jail in Zurich and awaiting extradition to the USA also tell all? We wait with baited breathe. And we also await an indication of who will take over from Blatter, which is of keen interest to everyone around the World, so that the much talked about FIFA reforms can start off.

We also await with interest an indication of who will take over from Blatter so that the much talked about FIFA reforms can start off. When all is said and done; it is clear that there is some rot at FIFA and something needs to be done. 


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