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Uyapo Ndadi

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Mmegi Authors :: Uyapo Ndadi

Uyapo is a lawyer by training and has pushed legal and policy frontiers by challenging the status quo and calling for pragmatic solutions to today's socio-political challenges. As a result of his achievements in advocacy and lobbying work, he has been honoured as an outstanding Top Ten Young Persons of The World. USA President Obama invited Uyapo to the White House to input on the role of young people in the Africa USA relations.

Uyapo is Executive Director for the Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and HIV/AIDS (BONELA) since 2009. He is well celebrated for his undying zeal for successfully and ably representing the underprivileged and those living with HIV and AIDS in Botswana, including sexual minorities in legal cases. He also sits in numerous boards including Legal Aid, Botswana Health Professions Council, Press Council of Botswana, 2010 Exams Inquiry and Botswana Council of NGOs.

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