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Vantage surveys property market

Manake (left) with BITC chairman Victor Senye at the launch of the Vantage Property Report> PIC KAGISO ONKATSWITSE
Estate agents and property management firm, Vantage Properties is conducting nationwide property market surveys for their quarterly market report. The surveys began last month and end this month.

Managing Director of Vantage, Sethebe Manake said the surveys are conducted on different stakeholders for the report.

“Because we want the next report to be reflecting the status of the market in current times, it is important for us to carry out the research ourselves in this quarter,” she explained.

Manake said that it is the first time that the firm is carrying out a study of this magnitude. She added that they hope to get the response they need from different stakeholders. She said they have set a target of at least 10,000 respondents throughout the country.

The study is carried out in different formats. Vantage said people can complete the survey online on the company’s website and Facebook page. There will also be telephonic and physical interviews. Other data will be collected through questionnaires.

“We believe that through this survey, we will be able to cover most of Botswana. The report that will be produced from this survey will be able to inform institutions on the state of

different locations in the country, and enable them to seize the opportunity,” she explained.

Since Vantage’s focus is to research on Botswana’s property market, Manake said that they will be conducting the surveys every quarter to measure the state and the progress of the property market over time.

“The surveys will give us a better reference point on the trends in the property market. We intend on releasing the results end of March to beginning of April,” she stated.

She appealed to stakeholders to respond in good time with relevant information. She added that the information released will be an aggregated perspective of the state of Botswana’s property market for the first quarter of the year.

Recently, Vantage launched an inaugural property report, which was described as a tool to provide developers with well-researched data on property, market dynamics and performance.

The report, which is the first of its kind in the country, provided an overview of how global and economic trends impact on the local property market.




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