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The dramatis personae in Kgosigate

The DIS director general, Isaac Kgosi is not the only person facing a credibility test. Several individuals, who have crossed paths with the controversial spy chief, are likely to face tough questions should Kgosi be hauled to court. Below are some of the dramatis personae in the Kgosigate
By Staff Writer Fri 19 Dec 2014, 11:07 am (GMT +2)
Mmegi Online :: The dramatis personae in Kgosigate

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Nsingo Jere

A Zambian national and director of Powerforce. Little was known about him until 2013 when he was paraded by government spin-doctors as the constructor of President Ian Khama’s house in Mosu. He has also constructed Kgosi’s house in Phakalane and did some work for the spymaster at Senthane farm.

Pini Meiden

The Israeli was in charge of Vladacom operations in Botswana. His movements were at one point closely monitored by Botswana military intelligence. Another close friend of Kgosi.

Richard Miles

Richard Miles is the owner of AfricIntel – a company that had close ties with the DIS and Kgosi. According to information seen by Mmegi, the company was paid P100 million by the DIS for transporting and hosting DIS officers.

Peter Phelan

A UK citizen whose company, Bowman Risk Management was contracted by AfricIntel – a company close to Kgosi - to train DIS officers in Botswana.

Louis Nchindo

The late flamboyant Debswana CEO who Kgosi claims gave him a P900,000 gift in hard cash. Kgosi may have lied about this. 

Farouk Ishmael and Ramachandran Ottapathu

Choppies directors and owners who offered Kgosi shares for free. There is also evidence to show that they offered Kgosi some money. DIS later abandoned an investigation that was supposed to be conducted on Choppies.

Tezah Seduke

He is a youth multi-millionaire director of an affluent company high profile contacts called Defence Concepts. He is said to be very close to power and gets government tenders via phone calls.

Mpho Kewakae

He was Debswana’s group security manager who issued conflicting statement saying his company paid Kgosi’s firm Silver Shadows P200,000 to investigate former Debswana’s employees over an imminent



Parks Tafa

Kgosi used Tafa’s law firm, Collins and Newman to purchase Sentlhane farm using funds from Vladacom. Kgosi allegedly lied to Tafa about the origin of more than P600,000.

Blackie Marole

Documents show that Marole approved payment for Kgosi’s company Silver Shadows for offering security services at P200,000. Marole denies ever approving such payments.

Modiri Nkoane

The DIS finance director has a relationship with Kgosi that raises eyebrows. Financial transactions show that at one point, he deposited over P100,000 in cash to Kgosi’s personal account. He made several other deposits between 2009 and 2011.


He is a DIS procurement officer. Details show that most of the companies that supplied DIS did some work for Kgosi. How was Khunou involved?

Keitumetse (DIS Cleaner)

Believe it or not official records show that the DIS cleaner few years ago deposited over P100 000 in cash into Kgosi’s personal account.

Vladamir Cizeij

The managing director of Vladacom, a company that was recommended by Kgosi to take charge of the government’s Public Key Infrastructure. The tender amounted to P500 million. Cizeij’s company contributed more than P600,000 towards the purchase of Senthane farm.

Matlho Jennifer Kgosi

She is Kgosi’s wife but rarely uses her husband’s name in official documents. She is still referred to as Matlho Jennifer Seitshiro in most documents.

Tefo Kgothane

The former DIS deputy director general had a love-hate relationship with Kgosi. At one point, Kgosi accused him of stealing his money from the office. Kgothane resigned from a few months ago. No reasons were given for his departure.

Shathani July

Kgosi’s driver who surprisingly made two deposits into his boss’s private account amounting to P70,000.

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