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Softball OGM flops after quorum hitch

The Botswana Softball Association (BSA) had to postpone its Ordinary General Meeting (ODM) to this Saturday after affiliates failed to form a quorum. According to BSA president, Tirelo Mukokomani, the meeting was short of one member to form a quorum.

A quorum of 75 percent whether present or by proxy is required for a requisitioned BSA meeting to proceed. If a quorum is not reached, a meeting cannot proceed.

Generally, the chair allows 30 minutes to expire in the hope that late arrivals will help constitute a quorum, but on Saturday this failed leading to the postponement of the meeting.

Mukokomani said they would converge again in the hope that everyone turns up.

“The OGM had to be postponed to next weekend because we did not form a quorum.

We were one club short to be able to go ahead with the meeting. We should make up three quarters to go ahead with a meeting of that nature, but we were one shy of that,” Mukokomani told Monitor Sport.

He explained that the meeting was

important because a financial audit report was to be presented to affiliates.

The postponed OGM had earlier caused confusion regarding the weekend southern region fixtures. The OGM forced a cancellation of Saturday’s league matches in the southern region, but clubs were told late about the change.

BSA said after consulting with affiliates and the National Executive Committee (NEC), the southern zone committee took a decision to cancel the Saturday fixtures to pave way for the OGM.

Softball has enjoyed good sponsorship over the last three years, with BoFINET taking over from Shell as the new league sponsor at the start of the season. The BSA league has a P1 million sponsorship and this season, the first prize money is P100,000 for both women and men competitions, while second position is P50,000.




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