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Ngoni to launch memoirs soon

One of Botswana's leading artists, Wilson Ngoni has said that he is about to release a no-holds-barred memoir entitled Doors To My Eyes.
By Mmegi Correspondent Sat 05 Oct 2013, 12:42 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Online :: Ngoni to launch memoirs soon

The award-winning artist told Arts & Culture that the memoir is going to chronicle the challenges that he faced while growing up and the breakthroughs that he has thus far experienced in his career.

"The book is about me.  It is about my journey through the corridors of art and life, how I have lived it, how I have experienced it all and how I managed to transform all the negative forces life threw at me into what is seen on the walls of some houses and offices both locally and abroad," Ngoni said. Snippets from the memoir indicate that the language used is as colourful and engaging as the artist's works.  There is no doubt that the explicit book has potential to be a page-turner although it might upset some sensitive readers.

In the memoirs, the artist talks about the physical, emotional and sexual abuses that he suffered at the hands of a very close relative and an illicit sexual relationship that he had with a teacher when he was only 10.  Interestingly, Ngoni somehow manages to rewind the hands of time and takes the reader through those heart-wrenching moments that he went through in his life in an engaging way.  While the reader might not sympathise with Ngoni as a victim, there is always the nagging feeling that he was in control of things even back then. One can safely say that although it is clear that he wanted to highlight the plight of children in the book, he did not want to portray himself as a helpless victim. Doors To My Eyes is about the uphill battle that he fought as he overcame hurdles to be the great artist that he is today. It also highlights the thoughts of the artist on some of the sensitive and controversial issues in the country.

Ngoni said that he wrote the book to sensitise government and the general public about the abuse of children.  He said child abuse usually happens behind closed doors and sadly many cases go unreported. "Although this book is not for the fainthearted as it contains bold and strong language, it has potential to change many individuals and even the way big institutions operate," he said.  Ngoni hopes to reshape local literature and readership in the country.  The artist said that he is yet to decide whether to run an exhibition alongside the book launch. Doors To My Eyes is set to be launched this month at a yet to be announced venue.  Ngoni is famous for his thought-provoking and surrealistic works as shown in his Meleko exhibition series, which he has staged at different venues across the country.

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