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Mma Nasha and friends are using the opposition

Staff Writer
Presiding : Former Speaker, Margaret Nasha
Let me just also highlight from my thoughts that it is becoming increasingly clear that Mma Nasha used her position as Speaker of the National Assembly to pass the standing orders that are a matter of legal discussion.

Mma Nasha knew she will need a vote from parliament. We hear from the legal experts that the constitution is bigger and supreme than the standing orders. If this is the case then it was unconstitutional to change the standing orders. If those who allowed and let this matter to take place in the national assembly were aware that it was constitutional then they were being criminal.

This was an astonishing election. Those who fell because the people said so. Those who are occupying particular seats of government are there because those who had an opportunity to exercise their democratic right allowed them to be there. Those who did not vote yet were qualified to vote should remain on the sidelines. That’s where they belong. They must desist from commenting or making any statements about a government they chose not to participate in shaping its structure and content. This is but just an opening line. Let me proceed to air my grievances to the opposition leadership. I apologise in advance that I will differ with most of my comrades.

My bone of contention today centres and revolves without apology from the way we the opposition have continually allowed ourselves to be used by BDP stalwarts such as Margaret Nasha, Pono Moatlhodi, Daniel Kwelagobe and other near political entities. It must be clear that these people whom I have named where once a prominent part of the defunct BDP Barata Phathi faction. They refused to form and join the BMD. They called it names because they had, wanted and loved the power then. They don’t have the power now and suddenly the BMD and the UDC are heroes.

Naively the BMD and UDC leaders do not realise that once more they are being used and will be thrown away. Daniel Kwelagobe remained at the BDP because he had hope that he will lead it. He has always been friends with Ian Khama whenever he was fighting opposition and became friends with the opposition only when he was fighting Ian Khama. I don’t see the voter in this equation.

Despite the hype created by the looming court case regarding the speaker, the deputy speaker and the vice president of the country truth need be said. There is this paper that one uses after relieving yourself which I think we as the opposition allow ourselves to be used as such quite often. It is utterly disgusting to find the opposition having agreed to be used by Margret Nasha and company. It is very clear from the conversations held way before elections in passing by the media and in full during social relaxation modes of our local politicians as they kept alerting those close to them that Margaret Nasha will come back as speaker. The conversations have come back to be alive.

I happened to have a chat with

one such an opposition MP, from the BMD which is also a part of the UDC that he prefers Mma Nasha because Ian Khama does not like Mma Nasha. I laughed at such an answer and unfortunately, I was laughing at this opposition MP because he was making fun of himself. He was in other words telling me that he is helping a BDP faction to fight another. Just like what happens after one uses a paper that I mentioned is used after a person relieves themselves, you throw it away. But I was also laughing at myself that I am part of the paper used and thrown away. I believe I don’t have to remind the reader that the BDP legislators including Mma Nasha need the opposition blessing only when they are fighting amongst themselves and whenever the  BDP is directly fighting the opposition parties, the BDP block comes together to defend their party.

I have heard some praising Mma Nasha’s book. I have read it over and over again and came to only one conclusion that the book is saying what she should have said before she became a speaker of the national assembly if at all she wanted to achieve anything meaningful for the nation. Mma Nasha’s book is now being used as a ticket to be the speaker of the national assembly just as she had planned and wished.

We of the opposition are once again being used to push her agenda and when she is done with us that will be it. One wonders why the opposition falls into this trap over and over.

Mma Nasha’s book is saying what she should have said before the formation of the BMD or rather she should have joined the many former BDP members who formed the BMD and sang the same songs they said and danced to the tunes they danced. She did not do that because the moment was not opportune for her.

The opposition needed her then when it was building and struggling to attain numbers not now when it is formidable and have numbers. In choosing Mma Nasha over the nation the opposition is betraying those who had asked that Barata Phathi who remained at the BDP be punished at the polls. I am pleading with the opposition to realise this trap.

The same applies to the fallen Pono Moatlhodi who we hear is now rejoicing on the sidelines that the opposition is helping Barata Phathi to hold the BDP at ransom. We must be truthful that Daniel Kwelagobe, Margaret Nasha and Pono Moatlhodi who we hear are key in this current matter are merely using the opposition to remain in the ruling elite’s game. This is an issue of the self before the people yet the people are being sold from an upside angle.


Gofitile Keotshwaetse

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