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Cattle Post Transaction versus Bank And Pocket Transaction

Staff Writer
One will ask, “why is it so difficult for the modern people to deal with their hard earned cash?” Every penny that goes through our bank accounts or pockets is not a miracle but what was earned through sweat.

The thought of that hard earned money should transmit a pain in our brains.  In the old times, our grandfathers were hired to look after cattle for those who needed their service.  By then the issue of money was not common to pay for that work. 

An agreement was made between the owner of the cattle post and the hired person.  It could be an annual payment of a cow.  Most of these people hired never consumed the payment of a form of a cow immediately on receipt, but they waited for them to produce more.  Some of these people as we talk are wealthy due to this transaction.

They were able to send their children to school.  Contrary to the current situation, we are paid monthly and we still face the situation of zero balance and more debts.

The thing that sustained the people of the cattle post transactions was an attitude and feeling the pain of the work.  That made them think of resting one day

after retiring from work. 

Those people of the cattle post transaction never wanted their children to follow in their footsteps of struggle.  They made a proper and firm budget of what should be done.  They did not just sell their cattle, but used it to generate more in life like ploughing. 

Then, why waste our money at any time instead of generating wealth? Cattle post transactions ensured that what was earned annually would sustain them for a life time. 

What was earned seasonally also contributed to their life positively.  Currently what we earn monthly sustains us for a short period, or sometimes we run without.  Money is a source of wealth not a source of poverty as is the case these days. 

So people must not work in order to be poor.  Have a good mindset about your money. It has been hardly earned.  Find good pastures for your money- like you do for your cattle.  Get things in life that can benefit you in the future.


Ookeditse Muzola

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