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Reward of being a BDP member

Staff Writer
Down the memory lane, any member of the Botswana Democratic Party would agree that indeed the party’s 2013 primary elections were the toughest in its existence since its formation in 1962.

The untouchables like cabinet ministers, elites and relatives to the first President of this country bit the dust. They were preyed on by minnows and political lightweights. Only a few of these casualties got re-run, but the results were disastrous.

All BDP members who were defeated in the party’s primary elections have been silenced by being promised special tickets to parliament or council, diplomatic posts, appointment to head parastal organisations like BMC, BAMB, BPC, BDC, CEDA, landboards, provided BDP wins this coming general  elections otherwise all these promises will go up in smoke.

To many BDP members, BDP is an employment bureau. A honey-pot that dispenses jobs, patronage, contracts, tenders and all sorts of largesse.

Hotbies are drawn to it because it gives them, not just a sense of purpose but also a sense of belonging they are unable to locate in their  lives anywhere. Business communities like Choppies, Motor Centre and many others including De Beers, are all happy to be associated with it because they view it (BDP) as a kind of political insurance cover. They make donations, which in real sense, are protection fees. They have turned the have-nots

into commodities. The poor members of our societies are at times paraded before the rich who makes them even more vulnerable.

Under BDP, power is consolidated through the exclusive appointment of unelected loyalists to key government and parastatal positions, predominantly former army personnel who are close to the president, and through a firm grip on large-multi-million pula tenders in favour of business linked with close associates of governing party.

In Botswana government is the largest single procurer of goods and services. The effect is the emergence of an inherently unfair system which disregards merit or traditional values of hardwork.

What is even more disturbing is that most Batswana do not know that it is almost impossible for a BNF, BPP or BMD card carrying member to be appointed a permanent secretary, director or any high ranking office on the land; not unless you are a BDP card carrying member. BDP is no longer a political organisation but a system that has infiltrated public service, churches, civil organisations to mention but a few.

Cry the beloved country. This country is at a crossroads. Nature will judge those in power harshly.


Cde Matshwenyego Ben



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