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Are sex scandals political?
"Of man's First disobedience, and the Fruit / Of that Forbidden Tree, whose mortal taste/ Brought Death into the World and all our woes/ With loss of Eden....." John Milton's 'Paradise Lost ' stanza is an apt reminder that sexual intercourse, though part of our human nature, admonishes us of our vulnerability to its peril, unless handled with care. It is safer in private, when the lights are out!
By Staff Writer Wed 02 Sep 2015, 23:41 pm (GMT +2)
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"Talk of the Town" was the heading of an article in The Voice newspaper of October19, 2012. It was a story of Facebook smses between Kitso Mokaila and his sex partner (not spouse). Mokaila is the Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR). The salacious content of the story wasn't, I want to believe, that the minister was suggesting that he had an 'appetite' for the partner and her friend, at one go, but because of his image - a Minister addressed as 'Honourable,' looked upon by the public as a model and a father figure to be emulated for his good deeds, morals and virtue. For the minister to frivol and hallucinate about sex orgies with girls the age of his children is absolute scandal!

Mokaila is not the first minister to be reported in newspaper columns on sex scandal. Former Vice President Mompati Merafhe was embroiled in a court case on allegations of wrecking another man's marriage. Recently Assistant Minister of Health was in a similar case, though as a witness. When the VP's marriage was reported on the rocks, the media spotlight was cast on lurid scandals bestriding his marriage. We have no evidence that all ministers are dangerous sex maniacs if left alone in opposite sex company. However, the picture the few ministers paint is suggestive and alarming.

Perhaps one shouldn't be too hard on our Cabinet Casanovas. It happens all over the world most of the time. In France we have President Hollande whose scandal is talk, not only of France but the whole of Europe. In Italy there is one Silvio Berlusconi who, besides evading tax, has an appetite for virgins and post-graduate virgins, to give our minister a run for his money in competition for laurels in the race for excellence in bed. On the world scene, we mustn't forget William Jefferson Clinton, alias Bill, former president of the US who, at his impeachment, vehemently protested: "I did not make love to that woman, Monica Lewinsky!...." Bill was not convicted, but no denial, however vigorous, could remove the scandal that rocked the US and the world or erase its enormity from living memory.

The impeachment of the US president demonstrated to what extent political society does not condone sex scandals, true or false. In Botswana, it does appear sex scandals are tolerated. Otherwise why would we have so many scandals in a cabinet without adverse comment from any quarter - political, civil or religious? Incidentally, the majority of those interviewed by The Voice after the scandal was published saw nothing wrong. Forgive me to think this must be the most warped majority around, the dregs of our decadent moral standards!

Some decades ago, there was a scandal that rocked English shores, the Profumo scandal. Its source was the minister by

that name who was exposed by the press as a pervert in the habit of cavorting with London prostitutes. The minister had to do the honourable thing and resigned his ministerial post. One fervently wishes to see anybody in public office afflicted with the libido virus react to the exposure of his/her lewdness by quitting their public office without persuasion.

Agreed it may not be that easy for nymphomaniacs and their male counterparts to control their sexual instincts, but you really do wish they could try to seek counseling to temper their lustfulness which could plunge them into unforeseen hardships and perhaps endanger their reputation and maybe their very lives. Currently our society is bedeviled with what has been misnamed 'passion killings.' Reports of male lovers killing female lovers they suspect of 'double-crossing' or on the verge of jilting them are regular features in the press. Can we be certain none of our Cabinet Casanovas won't be caught in the current spiral of passion killings? The recent ministerial scandal was exposed by the boyfriend of a 'me-nice' (pardon the term) who seems to be the minister's sex slave.

Are we sure the jilted boyfriend next time won't go farther to finish off the minister/partner if he catches them or suspects the two  -  girlfriend and the minister - have not severed their relations? This does not apply to ministers who sleep about with unmarried girls only but even more so with married women whose spouses may decide to take the law into their hands, particularly that the odds of winning court cases against ministers are tilted against cheated spouses. I shudder to read one day a headline in The Voice: MINISTER KILLED BY ENRAGED SPOUSE!
Passion kills. King Henry VIII of England is reputed to have been a womaniser. He lurched from one woman to another like a monkey swinging from one tree branch to another in playful exercise. He, married king, fell in love with the lady-in-waiting, Catherine Howard, who was secretly in love with the King's favourite courtier Thomas Culpeper, a young girl of 18 (King Henry was 50), was also indiscreet to have another boyfriend on the sidelines without the king's knowledge: "Henry's archbishop discovered that Catherine had been wild - sexually involved with one of the boys who would pay her nightly visits to her boarding school. 

Henry laughed it off at first... But when the court began to pour forth its evidence, he cried in public for the first time....But when it was discovered that she was currently in love with Thomas Culpeper, he flew into a rage.

Catherine, her former lover and Thomas Culpeper were executed...." Passion between master and slave can end in multiple tragedy. Batswana, speak out! Bawdy sex by higher-ups is patent abuse of political status!

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